• A CIO’s Security Tip for Financial Advisors

    Aware of the potential threats, financial advisers are increasingly utilizing security awareness training for employees, as well as better technological controls, to protect their data. Indeed, security awareness training ramped up in recent years among FSIs large and small, as a means to prevent cyber-intrusion — particularly as many struggle with infrequent customers access and hold very […]

    Shalom Carmel, CIO @ GlobalDots
    5th April, 2022
  • GlobalDots Equips Armis with Radware CWP

    IoT security vendor Armis keeps trusting GlobalDots and Radware for its public cloud security needs.  GlobalDots is a long-standing technology partner of IoT security vendor Armis, responsible for a great deal of Armis’ innovative IT infrastructure, such as Identity & Access Management (Okta) and Cloud Cost Reduction (Cloudzero). Now, GlobalDots helps Armis secure its public […]

    Dror Arie, Head of Engineering @ GlobalDots
    2nd January, 2022
  • Finally: CDN logs are actionable

    GlobalDots joins forces with Logging & Observability innovator Coralogix to make CDN logs actionable, offering yet another weapon against global internet outages. This new focus will mainly benefit organizations with high volume of CDN usage, allowing them to optimize their CDN to save compute costs, and utilize CDN logs to identify traffic & security issues. […]

    Dr. Eduardo Rocha, Senior Solutions Engineer & Security Analyst @ GlobalDots
    27th December, 2021
  • How to Keep Hackers Out of Your Distributed Environment

    New normal, new challenges One of the outcomes of COVID-19 has been our newfound openness to remote work. According to a recent PwC survey, 41% of workers would now prefer their workdays to be fully remote, compared with 29% in January 2021, signaling the desire to work remotely is only ramping up. For cybersecurity teams, this new reality brings […]

    Manuel Reischl, Head of Customer IT Support @ GlobalDots
    19th December, 2021
  • Max Severity log4j Vulnerability Released – How Can You Defend From It?

    On December 10, 2021, a new maximum severity security problem was publicly released to the American National Vulnerability Database (NVD), related to the log4j Java logging library. This problem received a CVSS (Common Vulnerability Scoring System) score of a perfect 10.0 – the highest possible severity score. This high-severity vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228) impacting multiple versions of the Apache […]

    Shalom Carmel, CIO @ GlobalDots
    19th December, 2021
  • GlobalDots Partners with Cloud Security Innovator Lacework

    GlobalDots has announced a partnership with Lacework, the data-driven security platform for the cloud. By adding Lacework to its vendor portfolio, GlobalDots will add to its cloud security offering to clients and partners, introducing a single solution to address workload vulnerabilities across multi-cloud environments. The Lacework Cloud Security Platform has met the GlobalDots standard for […]

    23rd November, 2021
  • GlobalDots Partners with Authentication Innovator Transmit Security

    GlobalDots keeps enriching its IAM (Identity & Access Management) innovation offering, and its Passwordless Authentication range in particular, with the latest addition of highly-valued unicorn Transmit Security. Only this June, Transmit Security announced a $543 million Series A – the largest series A funding round in cybersecurity history, according to Crunchbase. Transmit Security has developed an appless […]

    16th November, 2021
  • GlobalDots & NPAW’s CDN balancing solution aims for 100% content availability

    GlobalDots put its CDN expertise to work with NPAW, to create an “uncrushable” load balancing solution for online content delivery. “Current methods of CDN balancing are not as reactive and are more prone to errors, while NPAW’s CDN Active Switching breakthrough – developed with GlobalDots – is capable of neutralizing CDN loading challenges not addressed […]

    Francesco Altomare, Southern Europe Regional Manager @ GlobalDots
    21st October, 2021
  • GlobalDots Featured on Nasdaq

    Dror Arie, senior solution engineer at GlobalDots, is a pioneer in employee onboarding automation using IT workflows. In his Nasdaq guest article, he answers some key questions on one of the most crucial, yet overlooked, elements of employer branding: The employee onboarding experience. Why is onboarding overlooked in the employee lifecycle? Employers believe that their […]

    Dror Arie, Head of Engineering @ GlobalDots
    13th September, 2021
  • The GlobalDots-Cloudflare SOC Offering on the News

    Cloudflare recently announced its new SOC as-a-service offering, in partnership with GlobalDots and 3 additional global partners. With GlobalDots, this offering will include a full suit of web security solutions, implemented and configured by the GlobalDots engineering team. The GlobalDots team will also provide advanced support and professional services to the Cloudflare products included. Read […]

    14th July, 2021
  • GlobalDots & Cloudflare Introduce SOC-as-a-Service

    The increasing difficulty in recruiting in-house security engineers has created a wide demand for Security Operation Centers as-a-service, especially in fast-growing organizations. “It’s hard to overstate the extent to which online has become the most important channel for many businesses,” says CloudFlare. “Dealing with today’s volume of data, you need a reliable mechanism to sift […]

    Francesco Altomare, Southern Europe Regional Manager @ GlobalDots
    26th May, 2021

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