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The Four Pillars of Your Passwordless Solution

WebAuthn Credentials

Instead of a password, a successful log-in uses a cryptographic private-public keypair. The private key is locked to the device’s hardware; the public key on the server. Guarantee security while guarding personal data.

Omnichannel MFA

Passwords pit friction against security: passwordless provides the best of both. After registration, trust can be transferred to other devices. Delight customers with consistent and friction-free authentication.

Biometric Verification

Your password is the single key that proves you’re you: complete impersonation is a single slip-up away. Biometric verification such as eye, fingerprint and facial recognition proves the person on the other side of the screen is who they say they are.

Dynamic Authentication

Passwordless authentication solutions empower contextual security, mapping the user’s sign-in attempt to their context. Adaptively tighten controls for unrecognized devices.

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Biometric Passwordless Authentication (FIDO2 WebAuthN)

The booming cost of account takeover (ATO) attacks, from $4BN in 2020 to $16BN in 2021, makes passwordless authentication a truly pressing need for all businesses. Most current “passwordless” technologies still contain shared secrets and friction – deeming them irrelevant to the world’s most prominent workforce and buying power: Gen Y and Gen Z.

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Free Your IT Team

25% to 40% of internal IT helpdesk calls are spent dealing with password issues; passwords alone waste millions in paid time per year. Cut the cost and time sink, while prioritizing a proactive approach to security.

Effortless UX

Streamlined account navigation empowers your users. The Transmit passwordless solution discovered that consumers are 44% more likely to set up an account if biometrics are a login option.

Uncrackable Auth

Passwordless authentication is un-stealable. Not only does biometric data remain local to the user’s device, but cryptographic key pairs are irreplicable and impenetrable. The threat of credential stuffing attacks is completely eliminated.

Prioritize Simplicity

Passwords have bloated organizations’ identity stacks, as bolt-on approaches pile up uncontrollably. This creates unwieldy, legacy-minded authentication systems. Passwordless simplifies authentication while guaranteeing regulatory requirements are met.


The path to passwordless is taken step by step. Prioritization streamlines this process, as you can address the largest security concerns first and foremost. The second major hurdle is weaning your users’ password habits. Before you begin reducing the user-visible password surface area, visit our full step-by-step implementation guide.

Attackers rarely “hack” passwords and usernames; instead, credentials are almost always stolen through social engineering attacks, or from unsecure storage. Passwordless authentication is immune to these forms of credential theft, drastically reducing human error as a security threat. The Okta passwordless solution was one of the first to recognize that FIDO2-based key pairs are invulnerable to brute force and stuffing attacks.

Passwordless comes in many forms. Biometric is one of the most secure and well-known iterations, but all use cases have their own passwordless preference. Magic links and OTPs can provide passwordless login experiences, as can Multi Factor Authentication, which demands the user authenticate themselves via multiple devices. Find out which would fit your use case best with our full list of authentication methods.

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