SOC as a Service

Best-in-class security tools and professional services to replace or complement your Security Operation Center. 

How It Works

Monitoring & Alerting

A proprietary algorithm performs 24x7x365 monitoring for attacks and site health issues. If deviations from a baseline threshold, anomalies, or attacks are observed, instant alerts are sent to both the customer and the SOC, for both open and auto-remediated incidents.

Incident Investigation

The SOC web engineers, specializing in CDN and WAF, investigate the attack vectors, create an attack story, and recommend necessary configuration updates to avoid this issue’s repetition.

Incident Response

Simultaneous to the investigation, the SOC mitigates the performance or security issue where possible, syncing in real-time with your team based on customer-approved SLA and action plans.


Both periodic, statistical reports and individual incident reports are shared with the customer on a monthly basis. These reports include both retrospective attack summaries and recommendations formulated as part of the incident investigations.


GlobalDots Enables Full Ecosystem Protection

SOC Service Onboarding

SOC Service Onboarding

Our engineers enable the service with SIEM & DevOps integration, to allow full visibility of the third-party SOC team into relevant applications.

Fully-Managed Experience

Fully-Managed Experience

Your assets are monitored around-the-clock by Web Engineers, CDN & Web Application Firewall (WAF) experts, with ongoing hands-on-keyboard support on tier 1-3 issues.

Innovative Security Solutions

Innovative Security Solutions

We implement third-party solutions that safeguard your entire working environment, not just your Cloudflare workloads, including our new, advanced Public Cloud Security Stack.

All-in-One Professional Services

All-in-One Professional Services

Including: custom developments & configurations to optimize your CDN suite, cloud infrastructure design & redesign, planning & execution of CDN migration or multi-CDN strategies.

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