Identity & Access Management (IAM)

Frictionless, unified access governance for all your business applications.

Identity & Access Management (IAM)

Go Beyond Legacy Solutions

We at GlobalDots hunt for the most cutting edge and relevant technologies out there.

Once tested and found qualified we bring you the most certified innovative products out there for every pressing use case.

What Makes an Effective IAM

  • Wide Integration Catalogue

    Your ideal solution integrates with most of your business applications using SAML or SWA, and offers API-based integrations for the rest. Syncing with employee directories (AD, LDAP, HR systems, G Suite, Office365 etc.) is crucial for timely granting and revoking of permissions.


  • Next-Gen MFA & SSO

    Reduce friction with smart multi-factor authentication which is only triggered upon anomalous behavior. SSO becomes truly impactful when pre-including all applications used for daily work.

  • Compliance

    An enforceable security policy based on zero-trust and least-privilege principles can support the organization’s compliance with common security standards, which is mandatory in IPO or M&A scenarios.

  • Employee Lifecycle Automation

    Enable IT teams to implement workflow-like logics, triggered by changes in employee directories. This will allow permission-related procedures to automatically roll out upon onboarding, role changes, or offboarding.

Your Benefits

Integration Experts Integration Experts

Leverage our experience to integrate every single application and completely eliminate in-app sign on. Receive custom integrations, including undocumented ones which require API work, or more common platforms like Gsuite, Office365, and HR systems.

Integration Experts
Compliance Enablers Compliance Enablers

Get an expert’s touch in policy configurations, weaving all relevant best practices into your employees’ daily operations. Peacefully head on to mergers and funding, ensuring compliance with common standards like ISO 27001, SOC2, etc.

Compliance Enablers
Smooth Onboarding Smooth Onboarding

Launching or replacing an IAM solution can be stressful. Everything has to function flawlessly, otherwise angry emails will start pouring in. As most vendors have only basic support centers, having an expert partner to walk you through can shorten adoption time by 50%.

Smooth Onboarding
Certified Partners Certified Partners

As part of the Okta Ozone community, we always know what’s coming up. Communicating directly with vendor product teams, we are able to influence their roadmaps based on our customers’ needs.

Certified Partners

Move Beyond Passwords

IAM is the first and foremost gatekeeper of today’s working environments – one place to manage passwords and permissions to reduce both UX friction and potential breach damage. Its 3 pillars are identification, authentication, and authorization, which together make up the access journey. Therefore, no wonder that 70% of security leaders identify IAM as essential for a Zero Trust strategy. However, some axioms which shaped “mainstream” IAM are quickly running out of date. In this eBook, we invite you to rethink the very core of the entire concept of user identity: The password.

Move Beyond Passwords

It’s time to get rid of passwords!

  • What are the core components of an Identity & Access Management solution?

    Identity & Access Management (IAM) solutions have lots of capabilities to help manage employees access to enterprise applications in a secure and simple manner. The main components range from Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to passwordless add-ons and automation of employee onboarding, role changes and offboarding from the company.

  • What types of integrations should an Identity & Access Management solution have?

    Identity & Access Management (IAM) solutions should integrate with Active Directory (AD) or LDAP services, HR systems, email providers and most popular enterprise apps, including SaaS apps like Salesforce, Hubspot or Cloud Service Providers like AWS or Azure, etc.

  • Where do Identity & Access Management solutions fit as part of the Zero Trust security strategy?

    Identity & Access Management (IAM) solutions are the foundation of Zero Trust security. In order to provide access to employees based on their role and location, you need to first manage their identities in a centralized place, allowing them to authenticate once and provide access to enterprise apps based on their authorized privileges. Typically you start the IAM journey with SSO and MFA, providing unified IAM solution, and go up the stack to contextual-based access policies or adaptive policies based on the user’s behavior.

Stay Cloud-to-Date

The world of cloud changes quickly. Stay up-to-date with the latest trends & innovation, extensively explored in our resource library.

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    In addition to being outdated, passwords create frictions and hassles for workflows, teams, and users. We enable the complete elimination of passwords, securely and with an optimal user experience – by implementing the latest IAM & CIAM innovative solutions.  We are using a technology called FIDO2 (Fast ID Online) Authentication – new passwordless authentication method that relieves credentials […]

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    GlobalDots Partners With Transmit to Make Passwords Extinct

    As we rely more and more on online services, managing passwords becomes increasingly challenging. Compromised passwords lead to account takeovers, which pose existential threats to customer-facing businesses. Account takeovers led to an estimated $11.4 billion in losses in 2021, caused mostly by compromised passwords. GlobalDots, a cloud innovation leader, partners with Transmit Security, a leading […]

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    Myths About Credential Phishing You Can’t Ignore

    While ransomware, securing the cloud, and sprawling IoT vulnerabilities are keeping our CISO’s up at night, credential phishing is a consistent threat, plaguing their employees. Credential Phishing is the practice of stealing user ID/email address and password combinations, by masquerading as a reputable or known entity or person in email, instant message, or another communication […]

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    Infographic: Identity Automation Impact & Case Studies

    75% of the IT work related to the employee lifecycle can be automated. For 56% of the organizations, this is the #1-priority workflow automation to implement. In the infographic below you’ll explore:

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    2022: The Year End-User Accounts Go Passwordless

    Why Passwordless, Why Now? Advances in technologies pose new dangers online as more people use devices to do their shopping and finances. The remote work era pedaled, further extending technology adoption, so growing concerns regarding security and new methods are more valid than ever. Progress comes with leaving behind obsolete methods to improve efficiency and […]

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    Technical Whitepaper: Biometric Passwordless Authentication (FIDO2 WebAuthN)

    The booming cost of account takeover (ATO) attacks, from $4BN in 2020 to $16BN in 2021, makes passwordless authentication a truly pressing need for all businesses. Most current “passwordless” technologies still contain shared secrets and friction – deeming them irrelevant to the world’s most prominent workforce and buying power: Gen Y and Gen Z. Biometric […]

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    How IT can Breeze through Onboardings without Additional Hirings

    Which IT Nuisance Would You Automate First? Employee onboarding is one of the heaviest, most complex operations on a company’s IT. This is especially true in fast-growing companies that may see multiple onboardings per day. And, of course, the wider a company’s software tools array, the more accounts to create and permissions to manage. In […]

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    GlobalDots Partners with Authentication Innovator Transmit Security

    GlobalDots keeps enriching its IAM (Identity & Access Management) innovation offering, and its Passwordless Authentication range in particular, with the latest addition of highly-valued unicorn Transmit Security. Only this June, Transmit Security announced a $543 million Series A – the largest series A funding round in cybersecurity history, according to Crunchbase. Transmit Security has developed an appless […]

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    Webinar: Feel the Breeze – How cool companies X10 their workforce zero-touch

    Most growing companies turn to IAM solutions for compliance purposes. What a waste. Today’s IAM capabilities go way beyond MFA & SSO: Implemented right, IAM can automate all employee-related IT processes, from account provisioning and deprovisioning to permission management. Join us and step into the world of: Automated workforce growth Increased employee & IT productivity […]

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    Akamai EAA – Setup LDAP Directory

    If you use Okta without any additional Active or LDAP Directory and want to use the existing user and groups from Okta in Akamai’s EAA, this article becomes handy to you. Especially if you use Okta as an Identity Provider (IDP) for your EAA applications. Instructions We have to parts here: Part One: Okta Configuration […]

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