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Cloud Workload Protection

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We Make the Most out of Your CWP Solution

  • Proactive, Automated Permission Hardening

    Manual permission management at scale is hardly productive. An ideal solution keeps company assets safe while considerably reducing security workload.

  • AI-Based Anomaly Detection

    Most infrastructure attacks are built over time. To outsmart them, CSPM should quietly connect the dots, surfacing suspicious patterns while avoiding false positives.

  • Consolidated Visibility

    Existing platform-specific point security products are ineffective at detecting complex attacks. A holistic solution flags anomalies across your entire cloud (or multi-cloud) infrastructure in a single dashboard.

  • Agile and Configurable

    Policy differentiation between teams and units is a crucial Cloud Workload Protection trait. It decreases false alerts, prioritizes actual threats, and enables critical workflows to run uninterrupted.

Your Benefits

Less Alerts, Higher Accuracy Less Alerts, Higher Accuracy

Eliminate alert fatigue by putting an end to unimportant or unactionable alerts. We promote configurable, heavily-automated solutions which will proactively handle most scenarios, and will only flag what truly requires your attention.

Less Alerts, Higher Accuracy
Real-Time Indications & Suggestions Real-Time Indications & Suggestions

Take no prisoners. Sophisticated, cross-infrastructure solutions mean early detection of attack attempts, applying smart correlation of seemingly unrelated, sporadic events along with suggestions for effective, timely remediation.

Real-Time Indications & Suggestions
Critical Compliance Critical Compliance

Take one liability off your plate with quick, automated reporting, compliant with PCI DSS, ISO 27001, SOC2, and more, which apply to both enterprises and enterprise vendors.

Critical Compliance
Behavior Analysis Behavior Analysis

ML-based solutions quickly adjust to “new normals” in terms of each team’s work practices, with little or no need to reconfigure. This means less workflow interruptions, and less daily maintenance for you.

Behavior Analysis

Least Privilege, Zero Sweat: Protecting Cloud Workloads from 2021's Security Threats

GlobalDots has harnessed its 17-year industry experience to formulate the 4 critical factors for an effective, scalable Cloud Workload Protection solution.

Least Privilege, Zero Sweat: Protecting Cloud Workloads from 2021's Security Threats
  • Can a CSPM (Cloud Security Posture Management) or a CWPP (Cloud Workload Platform Protection) solution help with compliance requirements?

    Yes, a CSPM or CWPP solution should provide compliance reports showing how the current situation of cloud resources configuration and permissions compares to common compliance standards such as SOC2, ISO-27001, PCI-DSS and more, and what are the gaps that need to be treated in order to reach 100% compliance.

  • What are the key capabilities a CSPM (Cloud Security Posture Management) or a CWPP (Cloud Workload Platform Protection) solution should have?

    A CSPM or CWPP solution should have the ability to easily integrate into the company’s cloud environments, independently learn and analyze the current situation and provide hardening recommendations of the cloud resources and user permissions. In addition, the ability to detect, correlate and block attempts of data breaches by malicious actors.

  • What are the security challenges a CSPM (Cloud Security Posture Management) or a CWPP (Cloud Workload Platform Protection) solution aims to solve?

    The main security challenges a CSPM or CWPP solution aims to solve are excessive permissions of employees, misconfigurations of cloud workloads and resources, and detecting data breaches attacks early in the attacker kill chain.

Stay Cloud-to-Date

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