Kubernetes Cluster Management

Optimize your products & services with the help of our tools & experts.

Kubernetes Cluster Management

Go Beyond Legacy Solutions

We at GlobalDots hunt for the most cutting edge and relevant technologies out there.

Once tested and found qualified we bring you the most certified innovative products out there for every pressing use case.

Our Service Includes

  • Architecture Design & Setup

    Our highly experienced Cloud Architects and DevOps engineers collaborate with you in order to set up the best Kubernetes architecture for your use case.

  • Cost Optimization

    Our tools and expertise help you to set up and run your Kubernetes clusters in a cost-efficient manner.

  • Disaster Recovery & Resilience

    We help you set up the automatic backup routine and recovery procedures of your Kubernetes clusters, for maximum resilience upon critical incidents.

  • Monitoring & Incident Resolution

    Our tools and services help you identify and resolve incidents that occur on your services, with emphasis on pre-release, automated detection and remediation.

Your Benefits

Efficient Provisioning & Scalability Efficient Provisioning & Scalability

Kubernetes Clusters allow effective and flexible resource allocation using auto scaling and self healing capabilities, so that production isn’t stranded or slowed down.

Efficient Provisioning & Scalability
Native Compatibility Native Compatibility

Enjoy native compatibility with Kubernetes tooling such as Helm, Kompose, Minikube etc.

Native Compatibility
Kubernetes Security Kubernetes Security

Scale your deployments easily without compromising on security – we implement innovative solutions to secure multi-cluster Kubernetes deployments from code to production.

Kubernetes Security
Improved Observability Improved Observability

We provide advanced and preconfigured monitoring capabilities that automate early error detection and debugging.

Improved Observability
  • Can I switch between vendors if I’m not satisfied with one of them?

    Yes, one of the main advantages of working with GlobalDots is that we have relationships with multiple vendors per solution category, so our customers can switch between vendors if they would like to. Moreover, we will proactively offer better vendors if we see the value for the customers in terms of features, capabilities or price.

  • What does support look like when working with GlobalDots?

    Our solutions architects, engineers and DevOps experts have hands-on experience with the solutions we resell and integrate. Our engineers work with you to resolve any issue to your satisfaction, and never leave you hanging. If needed, we’ll be the ones to engage directly with the vendor, so you don’t have to.

  • How does GlobalDots keep up with the latest technologies in the market?

    The people working at GlobalDots live and breath technology. We have relationships with all the cool startups and always seeking new vendors with innovative tech to offer to our customer base. We research and explore emerging technologies on a weekly and daily basis, we filter out the noise and focus only on the promising solutions we vetted that will bring the most value to our customers.

Stay Cloud-to-Date

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