Cloud Web Application Firewalls (WAF)

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What Makes an Effective WAF

Learning & Automated

Cloud-based WAF automatically scans and learns your application logic, e.g via spider or crawler which fully integrates with the policy editor, to enable the automatic creation of policies.

Granular & Agile

Up-to-date WAF converges detection policy enforcement, granularly associating each mode per an application’s component, so monitoring of suspicious activity is simultaneous with countering proven intrusion attempts.

OWASP Coverage

Cover all software security threats relevant to you from OWASP’s shortlists and WAFEC. To learn which threats are relevant to your business, consult our security experts.

Modular Approach

Protect web assets against various threat vectors, both network and application based. WAF can be extensible to integrate with additional security protections such as API, DDoS and Bot mitigation solutions.

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Ongoing Relevance

Ongoing Relevance

Cover the full arc of threats relevant to your web application, and focus on those with real damage potential. Our experts are always up-to-date with the evolution of threats and have developed best practices from hundreds of cases.

Expert Customization

Expert Customization

We customize and configure your WAF to fully answer your threat map and minimize false positives. They will redo this with every major change to your assets to ensure ongoing protection and productivity.

Compliance with Ease

Compliance with Ease

Be easily compliant with PCI - we promote solutions with state-of-the-art automated reporting and policy enforcements, and will configure your WAF to do so effectively.

Beyond WAF

Beyond WAF

Protect all your web endpoints in one place. Discover a whole world of cutting-edge web security solutions in our mindfully-curated portfolio.

First, you want to ensure using a Cloud-based WAF which can scale up or down as your traffic pattern changes. The WAF should also include AI/ML capability analyzing large amounts of data in order to minimize false positives and false negatives. Last, the WAF engine should be up-to-date and flexible so customers can custom it based on their unique use-case.

Yes, although it’s not mandatory. From networking and performance perspectives, if the CDN deliver the traffic and scans it for application vulnerabilities on the same server, it should reduce the overall response time of the app and improve the user experience.

Both Gartner and Forrester issue yearly reports on the leader vendor in the WAF space. We work with all the major players in this space and can compare and contract between all of them to get the most optimal WAF solution for your use-case.

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