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  • FinOps – save up-to 50% of your cloud costs with our curated FinOps solutions.

  • Performance – adopt the most innovative practices to break your web performance’s glass ceiling.

  • DevOps as a Service – improve your cloud platform scalability and CI/CD processes with our DevOps professional services and innovative tools.

  • Security & Monitoring – detect & prevent threats continuously monitors vulnerabilities to prioritize risks.

“Teaming up with GlobalDots led us to a 21% Kubernetes cost drop, a 13% fewer SLA breaches, and 18% less DevOps/developers' manual adjustments. A game-changing impact for us at IronScales!”
Moshe Naot Director of Research & Development
Moshe Naot, Director of Research & Development

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With so many choices, it’s tough to decide where to focus. That’s why our cloud experts created a 7-step innovation curation process to offer you battle-tested solutions with real business value.

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