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IoT security vendor Armis keeps trusting GlobalDots and Radware for its public cloud security needs. 

GlobalDots is a long-standing technology partner of IoT security vendor Armis, responsible for a great deal of Armis’ innovative IT infrastructure, such as Identity & Access Management (Okta) and Cloud Cost Reduction (Cloudzero). Now, GlobalDots helps Armis secure its public cloud operations with one of the latest Cloud Workload Protection solutions: Radware’s Cloud Native Protector (CNP).

“Armis Security is a true engineering-led organization that knows how to embrace innovation without affecting their velocity,” says Dror Arie, GlobalDots’ senior solutions architect who oversaw the implementation in Armis’ AWS environment. “Using Radware CNP enables Armis to let developers and engineers do their work with minimal guardrails, while safeguarding Armis’ security posture. Radware’s CNP is cloud-native, noise-free and insightful, so security procedures can happen much faster.”

The GlobalDots engineering team is intimately familiar with Radware’s solution, so clients like Armis get a perfectly-configured system which delivers value right away. Armis, too, witnessed the benefits of this platform for keeping its AWS environment vulnerability-free, improving visibility and governance in every corner of the cloud.

“Radware’s Cloud Native Protector plays an essential role in securing our cloud environment,” said Roi Amitay, head of DevInfra at Armis. “It helps us see our full cloud picture and focus on what matters most.”

How did we choose Radware CNP? Read the comparison guide to find out:

Cloud Workload Protection enhances the visibility and control over public cloud environments. It automates manual analysis and notifies about any publicly exposed assets and potential cyberattacks to help the company prioritize its work.

Radware’s Cloud Native Protector is an agentless solution that provides centralized visibility and reporting for workloads and accounts on AWS and Microsoft Azure. Its intuitive 360-degree centralized dashboard shows alerts across accounts and clouds with risk-prioritized alerting so that security teams know which alert to focus on first. Using a multi-layered approach that covers a wide security posture of the cloud and threats to individual workloads, the solution also identifies and prevents public exposure of public facing assets, cloud security misconfigurations, excessive permissions, and malicious activity in the cloud – whether by insiders or hackers.

Watch Radware CNP in action in this 10-min. video:

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