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  • What is a Content Delivery Network? CDN Explained

    A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a globally distributed network of web servers or Points of Presence (PoP) whose purpose is to provide faster content delivery. The content is replicated and stored throughout the CDN so the user can access the data that is stored at a location that is geographically closest to the user. […]

    Francesco Altomare, Southern Europe Regional Manager @ GlobalDots
  • It’s time to unleash the power of the force!

    There’s a galactic misconception that monitoring CDNs has no value and is too expensive to store and index. While that used to be true, it’s now the worst mistake an IT-jedi can make!  GlobalDots, a 20-year CDN expert, teamed with observability innovator Coralogix, to develop a next generation observability platform for monitoring Content Delivery Networks’ […]

  • Real-time CDN analysis that identifies trends & detects anomalies

    Finally, you can utilize your CDN to its full potential, using the most innovative solutions in the market. Real-time log analysis was never really possible, particularly for online businesses that deal with large amounts of traffic. With today’s technology, you can process logs instantly, view dashboards, and receive alerts before bad things happen. Using smart monitoring […]

    Thorsten Deutrich, VP Sales & DACH Regional Manager at GlobalDots
  • 3 Industries that can benefit from better CDN monitoring

    In 2022, global CDN usage is expected to reach over 250 exabytes per month. With more and more industries reaping the benefits of CDNs, CDN monitoring is going to become a valuable new source of information for anyone looking to understand their operational challenges or how their customers interact with their product. Industries all over […]

    Miguel Fersen, Iberia & LATAM Regional Manager @ GlobalDots
  • CDN Monitoring – No Longer a Luxury

    CDNs have become a standard component of any serious scaling strategy. With scaling, of course, comes an increased security challenge. This leads to code scanning, log analysis, expensive intrusion detection systems and more, but the data locked away inside of a CDN is often ignored. This data is essential to a strong security posture and […]

    Miguel Fersen, Iberia & LATAM Regional Manager @ GlobalDots
  • Outpace Your Competition by Delivering the Fastest eCommerce Experience Possible

    Speed is one of the biggest factors to eCommerce success. Today’s consumers demand rapid content delivery and are more willing to walk away than wait. Many brands have mistakenly relied on the seemingly magical powers of the traditional Content Delivery Network (CDN), but outpacing your competition requires a comprehensive approach that accelerates every component of […]

    Miguel Fersen, Iberia & LATAM Regional Manager @ GlobalDots
  • Latency is Having a Huge Negative Impact on eCommerce Companies

    Latency is an eCommerce killer. Studies throughout the last decade have proven that the longer your site visitor waits, the less likely they’ll convert, and the less they’ll appreciate your brand. Rapid site delivery — especially when it comes to dynamic content — is now a necessity for global-minded eCommerce companies. Speed is Key The […]

    Miguel Fersen, Iberia & LATAM Regional Manager @ GlobalDots
  • Ensuring Business Continuity in the Face of CDN Failures

    In the rush towards ever-faster content delivery, mature organizations have prioritized ultra-low latency over basic brand reliability. CDN providers are perfectly placed to funnel the fastest traffic to the closest user, but it is becoming increasingly clear that eCommerce companies have placed them at the pinnacle of customer experience — without adequate structural support. Revenue […]

    Miguel Fersen, Iberia & LATAM Regional Manager @ GlobalDots
  • The Costly Toll a CDN Outage Crisis Has on eCommerce Companies

    Cloud revolutionized eCommerce. Ditching costly hardware maintenance and sweaty server rooms is a blessing, but it came with its own curse: unavoidable, uncontrollable downtime. Content Delivery Network (CDN) outages hit global corporations the hardest, costing millions per minute and wreaking havoc on loyal clients. One Bug, Thousands of Outages June 8th, 2021 – the date […]

    Miguel Fersen, Iberia & LATAM Regional Manager @ GlobalDots
  • Old Dogs, New Tricks: Innovating with CDNs

    Today’s digital businesses with global customers cannot afford slow page loads and applications caused by physical distance and latency issues. Page load speeds can have a significant effect on customer acquisition and retention. Walmart discovered that a 1% increase in page load time results in a 2% increase in conversion rates. So businesses are using […]

    Dror Arie, Head of Engineering @ GlobalDots
  • Automatically trigger CDN purge on S3 change

    A CDN requires an origin server, which can be a S3 bucket. s3-trigger-purge-cdn are python scripts that run as Lambda functions, and are triggered by file uploads to the bucket. Once triggered, the Lambda function will attempt to purge the old file from the CDN cache. Currently supported CDN vendors: Standalone Legacy mode While I […]

    Shalom Carmel, CIO @ GlobalDots
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