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Reliability Platforms (SRE)

Turn on-call work, incident response, and incident management into automated code-based playbooks.

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SRE Platforms Enable:

Data-Driven Reliability

Turn your alerts and incidents into structured data, then surface risks to your applications, monitoring, and operations - all help you deliver more reliable services to your customers.

Automated Incident Response

Turn manual tasks into YAML-based playbooks, and automate incident investigation and remediation. Save teams time, and standardize SRE best practices with a library of built in steps and recommended playbooks for common scenarios.

Alert Analysis & Enrichment

Enrich, analyze, and triage alerts from your monitoring tools and cloud services in real time. This gives on call teams the full context to alerts, helping reduce alert fatigue and giving teams a head start on incident remediation.

Automated Incident Collaboration

Correlate alerts, playbooks, and team communication into a centralized incident hub. Free on-call teams to focus on remediation, while ensuring a complete incident record is saved for retrospectives.

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Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Terminology | The Definitive Guide

New to the SRE concept? You won't be, after this quick lingo & KPI guide.

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Your Benefits

Data-Driven Reliability

Data-Driven Reliability

Measure and achieve SLOs with data-driven insights to alerts, incidents and operational patterns.

Synergize Your Ecosystem

Synergize Your Ecosystem

Orchestrate incident response & management, enabling continuous software services reliability.

Reduce Manual Work

Reduce Manual Work

Standardize and streamline operational practices and deploy them as part of your GitOps pipeline.

Improve Customer Service

Improve Customer Service

Measure and achieve SLOs with data-driven insights to alerts, incidents and operational patterns.

The people working at GlobalDots live and breath technology. We have relationships with all the cool startups and always seeking new vendors with innovative tech to offer to our customer base. We research and explore emerging technologies on a weekly and daily basis, we filter out the noise and focus only on the promising solutions we vetted that will bring the most value to our customers.

Our solutions architects, engineers and DevOps experts have hands-on experience with the solutions we resell and integrate. Our engineers work with you to resolve any issue to your satisfaction, and never leave you hanging. If needed, we’ll be the ones to engage directly with the vendor, so you don’t have to.

Yes, one of the main advantages of working with GlobalDots is that we have relationships with multiple vendors per solution category, so our customers can switch between vendors if they would like to. Moreover, we will proactively offer better vendors if we see the value for the customers in terms of features, capabilities or price.


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