API Security

Context-based protection for all API endpoints.

API Security

Go Beyond Legacy Solutions

We at GlobalDots hunt for the most cutting edge and relevant technologies out there.

Once tested and found qualified we bring you the most certified innovative products out there for every pressing use case.

  • Complete, Automated Discovery

    Identify all your APIs and the changes made to them, regardless of parameter differences. View all your sensitive data exposures in one place, and produce clear & exhaustive auditing reports.

  • Big-Data Driven

    Analyze all user activities simultaneously, even at the largest scale, to draw patterns from events scattered across multiple APIs, users, and locations.

  • Full OWASP Top 10 Coverage

    Ensuring remedy to OWASP’s top 10 API security threats, like broken authentications or mass assignments, is a basic requirement of any up-to-date solution.

  • Actionable Information

    Get real-time insights, not just alerts. Achieve timely, effective remediation with concrete suggestions for developers to permanently fix critical vulnerabilities.

Your Benefits

See It All See It All

WAFs and API gateways are proxy-based, therefore fall short in correlating scattered, suspicious transactions. Properly configured API security will surface the unfolding attacks as early as in their reconnaissance stage.

See It All
Encourage Innovation Encourage Innovation

APIs accelerate innovation. Let developers focus on what they do best, while our experts ensure your APIs are fully mapped & safeguarded.

Encourage Innovation
Comply with Ease Comply with Ease

We promote automated, self-auditing solutions which do the heavy lifting of gathering data, prioritizing threats, and consolidated, visualized reporting for your auditors.

Comply with Ease
Stay Ahead Stay Ahead

API security is a bubbling-hot sector. As we constantly seek to place our customers ahead of the market, we keep track of the most promising startups and filter them through our own uncompromising POCs.

Stay Ahead

Top Strategies for API Security

This white paper explores strategies for protecting APIs by first introducing how APIs are designed, and how similarities between web applications and APIs mark these endpoints as added targets for web attackers. We will also present the most common types of cyberattacks and conclude with a discussion on our recommended solution against API abuse.

Top Strategies for API Security
  • How are API-related risks different than Web application vulnerabilities?

    Due to the growing popularity of APIs by developers and hackers alike, OWASP issued top 10 API security threats which are slightly different than the typical OWASP top 10 web application threats: https://owasp.org/www-project-api-security/

  • Is there a better way for the API security solution to learn my APIs than to import RAML / Swagger API definition file per API? How does that work?

    API security solutions should be able to monitor traffic and seamlessly discover, map and learn the different APIs, their method, input parameters, traffic pattern and what is the normal use of them. Then apply ML/AI capabilities to alert when there is an abnormal use or attack on API endpoints.

  • What are the pros and cons of having an inline API security solution?

    Pros: the API solution can block API requests in real-time when it’s implemented inline.
    Cons: in order to minimize false positives, the API security solution should be able to learn what’s a normal use of an API endpoint is and what’s considered an anomaly and suspected attack. In order to reach that level of context and accuracy, an offline analysis should be done based on an adequate amount of API traffic data, which is typical for an API security solution that is not deployed inline.

Stay Cloud-to-Date

The world of cloud changes quickly. Stay up-to-date with the latest trends & innovation, extensively explored in our resource library.

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