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GlobalDots keeps enriching its IAM (Identity & Access Management) innovation offering, and its Passwordless Authentication range in particular, with the latest addition of highly-valued unicorn Transmit Security.

Only this June, Transmit Security announced a $543 million Series A – the largest series A funding round in cybersecurity history, according to Crunchbase.

Transmit Security has developed an appless biometric authenticator, brand-named BindID, that leverages a device’s built-in face or fingerprint scanner. This makes it one of the most lightweight, easy-to-use passwordless solutions out there, even compared to push notifications or OTPs texted to our phones.

“The GlobalDots engineering team already witnessed how BindID would work on a real application,” says GlobalDots’ Norman Mossier who helped facilitate the partnership. “We realized that BindID has a huge impact on user experience, the daily work of support teams and how it’s helping IT security teams to mitigate account takeovers.”

At GlobalDots, we believe this solution to be ideal for organizations who prioritize their employees’ time and convenience, as well as those who need the fastest possible authentication experience to speed up security around critical business processes, like product development. Fast-growing tech companies and those who support their teams with smartphone devices and laptops able to accommodate biometric authentication, are expected to greatly benefit of such innovation.

We expect this partnership to drive significant new business for Transmit Security from GlobalDots’ existing base of global enterprise clients. We further believe that the powerful combination of Transmit Security’s cutting-edge innovation and GlobalDots’ security architecture and implementation expertise will help drive new business. Organization looking for holistic solutions to secure their cloud operations and accelerate business processes will greatly benefit from this gem in GlobalDots’ top-notch portfolio.

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