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Attackers Now Have SLAs. Prepare for What They’ll Have Tomorrow.

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What Makes an Effective DDoS Protection

Scalable & Volumetric

DDoS attacks tend to be bursty and redefine the term "large-scale" at their peak. Advanced machine learning, based on up-to-date mathematical models, helps your solution self-adjust to the attack flow.

Agile & Cost-Effective

Always-on solutions can be costly. On-demand protection might suffice if it has advanced monitoring capabilities, to only channel traffic through scrubbing centers upon a DDoS attack.

End-User Friendly

A smart, business-mindful protection will avoid blocking your site upon an attack, to allow service continuity. To do this, it must have a scrubbing center close enough to the attackers.


A growing number of DDoS attacks now originates in IoT-powered devices. Your DDoS mitigation solution should be capable of dealing with highly distributed attacks originating from IoT devices and botnets.

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8 Best Practices for Making a DDoS Protection Plan

When a DDoS attack strikes, panic ensues. Having a DDoS mitigation plan in place will make the difference between hours or days of organization-wide chaos and an orderly and timely response that keeps business as usual. Follow these steps to develop a DDoS mitigation plan for your organization.

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Relevance & Effectiveness

Mitigate Business Risk

We evaluate your business risk to recommend the most cost-effective mitigation model. To avoid failures, we consider each solution’s specifics (e.g scrubbing center map) against the details of your use case.

Instant Support

Instant Support

You really don’t want to wait on vendor support at the moment of truth. Get on-demand DDoS drills and air-tight configurations for full independence & readiness.

Up-to-Dateness as a Service

Up-to-Dateness as a Service

Commoditized doesn’t mean stagnant. Like DDoS attacks, solutions keep evolving. Rest assured we’ll always deliver the latest one for you.

Never Miss the True Attack

Never Miss the True Attack

DDoS is often a mere smoke screen for a more complex, invasive network or application attack. Leverage our diverse portfolio to bundle & integrate your hacker-proof security stack.

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