Client Side Security

Protect Against 3rd Party Formjacking Threats

Client Side Security

Go Beyond Legacy Solutions

We at GlobalDots hunt for the most cutting edge and relevant technologies out there.

Once tested and found qualified we bring you the most certified innovative products out there for every pressing use case.

Block 3rd Party Threats in Advance

  • Real-Time Detection & Protection

    Purpose-built, patented technology that scans 3rd party scripts running on your websites and detect any fraudulent formjacking and web skimming vulnerabilities.

  • Automated Mitigation

    No need to wake up at 3AM to act on a formjacking threat. Leverage a fully automated and ML-powered set of policies that control the access and permissions of all 3rd party tools operating on your website.

  • Centralized Management

    An all-in-one, scalable system for full threat visibility, analytics and control across all your client-side security policies and protections.

  • Flexible Deployment Models

    Multiple script injection options protect every website, regardless of your CDN provider. Enable injection at the edge / CDN for fast and seamless deployment, no application changes required, or at the website’s code using a tag manager.

Your Benefits

Malicious Code Protection Malicious Code Protection

Defend yourself from malicious code originating in client-side resources, compromising both 1st and 3rd party scripts. Gain targeted insight to quickly mitigate compromised scripts and update policy controls to stop zero-day attacks.

Malicious Code Protection
Granular Visibility Granular Visibility

Harmful code can go undetected for days, weeks, or even months while continuing to steal sensitive user information. Gain unmatched visibility into vulnerabilities and attacks from 1st and 3rd party scripts running on your website.

Granular Visibility
PII Data Assurance PII Data Assurance

Having a client side security solution deployed reduces the risk of hackers stealing PII (Personal Identifiable Information) from your end-users using formjacking or web skimming techniques. Keep your brand trusted and your end-users data secure.

PII Data Assurance
Flexible Development Flexible Development

Marketing and development teams require using 3rd party tools, add-ons and scripts. Client side security solution allows using such tools while preventing vulnerabilities from components outside of your control.

Flexible Development
  • How do I integrate a client-side security solution into my website?

    Client side security solution deploys in minutes as an injected JavaScript running on your website pages and immediately starts analyzing script behavior. When malicious behavior is detected, you get alert notifications that can be mitigated with a single click.

  • What is a client-side security solution and how it works?

    A client side security solution provides a behavioral approach to script protection designed to detect malicious script activity from 1st and 3rd party scripts, protect the integrity of your web pages and your business.

  • What are formjacking, Web skimming and Magecart attacks?

    Formjacking or Web Skimming are types of attacks where hackers inject malicious JavaScript code into a webpage form (typically in a payment page form) via a 3rd party object on the site. When a user inputs his/her credit card information and hits submit, that malicious code collects the payment card number and other information like the customer’s name, address, and phone number, then sends this information to the attacker’s location instead of the original payment processing system.

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