DevOps as a Service

Expert teams fitting into your every product development and deployment stage.

DevOps as a Service
Elevate Your Cloud Strategy with GlobalDots’ AWS Expertise
  • Amplify cloud capabilities with GlobalDots’ AWS Professional Solution Architects and DevOps Engineers.
  • Redesign and modernize efficiently into AWS using Infrastructure as Code.
  • Embrace GitOps for scalable and cost-effective cloud solutions.
  • Implement the AWS Well-Architected Framework for optimized cloud environments.
Elevate Your Cloud Strategy with GlobalDots’ AWS Expertise

Case Studies

AI-Powered Chargeback Defense:
Justt’s Leap with GlobalDots

How Justt and GlobalDots boosted chargeback defense with
AI and Infrastructure as Code, enhancing security and efficiency.

EX.CO’s IaC Efficiency and Savings with GlobalDots

How Justt and GlobalDots boosted chargeback How EX.CO and GlobalDots Elevated Video Tech Efficiency, Saving Time and Costs with IaC defense with AI and Infrastructure as Code, enhancing security and efficiency.

We Implement

  • CI/CD

    Deliver better software faster. Optimize your time-to-market strategies. We consult and execute CI/CD implementation while applying GitOps principles.

  • Kubernetes Migration & Clusters

    Automate your container orchestration and simplify them using our tools. We perform migration to Kubernetes with scalability and performance tuning and provide Managed Kubernetes Services for AWS, Azure and GCP while Securing your Kubernetes Clusters.

  • Infrastructure as Code

    Simplify your infrastructure set up and management with advanced tools for infrastructure provisioning automation, cost optimization, and speed, consistency and accountability in resource allocation.

  • Logging and Observability

    Attain observability in your infrastructure and monitor/track events as we implement the best-of-breed tools for monitoring, Log Management, incident management, Analytics and Aggregation.

  • DevOps Consulting Services

    Our experts will help you and your in-house team integrate collaboration, automation and QA into your product lifecycle.

  • Cloud Infrastructure Design

    We build turnkey, low-touch ecosystems made agile with IaC and open source tools.

  • Container Management

    Simplify your DevOps pipeline by running applications & services in lightweight containers.

Your Benefits

State-of-the-art Technologies State-of-the-art Technologies

Using a legacy tech stack creates various roadblocks in development and undermines productivity. Our team can help you migrate to the latest environments and technologies, highly molded to your requirements.

State-of-the-art Technologies
Faster Time-to-Market Faster Time-to-Market

We will collaborate with your team to accelerate your development process. Incorporating automation in the development, testing and deployment stages of your product life cycle, enabling your team to work on your products smoothly and consistently.

Faster Time-to-Market
Shift Left at Ease Shift Left at Ease

Our cloud & web security departments deliver enterprise-grade, fully customized solutions. Working in full collaboration with your dedicated DevOps team, you are guaranteed an organic security layer to safeguard your entire product lifecycle – and your end users.

Shift Left at Ease

DevOps expertise at your doorstep

  • Can I switch between vendors if I’m not satisfied with one of them?

    Yes, one of the main advantages of working with GlobalDots is that we have relationships with multiple vendors per solution category, so our customers can switch between vendors if they would like to. Moreover, we will proactively offer better vendors if we see the value for the customers in terms of features, capabilities or price.

  • How does GlobalDots keep up with the latest technologies in the market?

    The people working at GlobalDots live and breath technology. We have relationships with all the cool startups and always seeking new vendors with innovative tech to offer to our customer base. We research and explore emerging technologies on a weekly and daily basis, we filter out the noise and focus only on the promising solutions we vetted that will bring the most value to our customers.

  • What does support look like when working with GlobalDots?

    Our solutions architects, engineers and DevOps experts have hands-on experience with the solutions we resell and integrate. Our engineers work with you to resolve any issue to your satisfaction, and never leave you hanging. If needed, we’ll be the ones to engage directly with the vendor, so you don’t have to.

Stay Cloud-to-Date

The world of cloud changes quickly. Stay up-to-date with the latest trends & innovation, extensively explored in our resource library.

  • DevOps as a Service
    How EX.CO Saved $15K Monthly with IaC Transformation

    EX.CO is a video technology platform that enables publishers to monetize video content on websites.

  • DevOps as a Service
    How Justt Saved $100K Yearly with IaC

    Justt is a chargeback mitigation startup based in Tel Aviv. Chargebacks, as defined, are demands by a credit card provider for a retailer to reimburse losses on fraudulent or disputed transactions. Justt’s objective is to assist merchants worldwide in combating false chargebacks using its proprietary artificial intelligence technology.

  • DevOps as a Service
    On-Demand Webinar: Securing Content on AWS with Okta

    Not implementing OpenID Connect properly in AWS can lead to various consequences, including security breaches, unauthorized access to sensitive information, and compromised user data. However, these risks can be avoided when OpenID Connect is configured carefully, as it is designed to provide a secure and seamless way to authenticate users and control access to protected […]

  • DevOps as a Service
    On-Demand Webinar: Testing IaS – How to Solve the Common Challenges

    Are you struggling to effectively test your Terraform infrastructure code? Even the best plans can fail, resulting in half-formed infrastructure that can have serious consequences for your business, such as lost revenue or damage to your reputation due to downtime, security vulnerabilities, operational inefficiencies, and difficulties scaling. In this webinar, we will introduce an innovative […]

  • Cloud Cost Optimization
    AWS Cost Optimization: Best Practices Unveiled

    The cost optimization of AWS cloud infrastructure is a pivotal consideration for organizations operating in today’s dynamic and ever-evolving IT landscape. Without proper governance and cost allocation strategies, the utilization of cloud resources can result in substantial monetary losses and suboptimal resource utilization. Our new eBook, DevOps Checklist for Cost Optimization, aimed at providing organizations with […]

  • DevOps as a Service
    Cybersecurity takes center stage

    In recognition of National Coding Week,, a top media channel covering tech, startup, venture capital, internet, mobile, development and more – featured a guest post by Artem Mescheryakov, Senior DevOps Engineer at GlobalDots:  “National Coding Week is about learning the value and importance of digital skills as well as nurturing the increasingly important skill of coding. Developer shortages […]

  • DevOps as a Service
    DevOps Expertise at Your Doorstep 

    Expert teams fit into every product development and deployment stage – we implement CI/CD, Kubernetes Migration & Clusters, Infrastructure as Code, Logging and Observability, Cloud Infrastructure Design, Container Management, and much more.

  • DevOps as a Service
    DevOps, DevSecOps, and SRE: What’s (Really) the Difference?

    DevOps is an enterprise software development phrase used to describe an agile relationship between development and IT management. Changing and improving the relationship between these two business units is the goal of DevOps, which advocates better communication and collaboration. It is estimated that the DevOps (Development to Operations) market will grow at a CAGR during […]

  • DevOps as a Service
    Cloud Deep Learning: AWS, Azure & GCP Compared

    How Can You Do Deep Learning in the Cloud? Deep learning is at the center of most artificial intelligence initiatives. It is based on the concept of a deep neural network, which passes inputs through multiple layers of connections. Neural networks can perform many complex cognitive tasks, improving performance dramatically compared to classical machine learning […]

  • DevOps as a Service
    How to Get DevOps Automation Right – a Starter’s Guide

    Cloud technologies develop all the time, with the product pipeline being a focal point as companies are expected to deliver faster, better, safer code. But the latest DevOps technologies still require some consideration before adopting them to understand if they are a good fit for your use case. With proper DevOps tools and streamlined processes, […]

  • DevOps as a Service
    Terraform Naming Conventions & Best Practices: A hell-of-a-practical guide

    Modules naming conventions  Based on Hashicorp documentations we should follow general naming conventions for  Terraform modules.  Based on information above all Terraform modules should follow next ruleset • All source code in git All modules follow naming convention terraform-<PROVIDER>-<NAME>. For  example terraform-aws-ec2, terraform-azure-vms, terraform-infoblox-dns etc • All terraform modules should have Unit/Integration tests. For example […]

  • DevOps as a Service
    AWS NAT Gateway and High-Availability NAT Instances with Auto-Scaling

    The basics of AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), NAT Gateway, NAT Instances, and the working of a High-Availability version of NAT instance deployment.

  • DevOps as a Service
    The Implications of Elasticsearch and Kibana License Change from Apache 2.0 to SSPL

    The license change for Elasticsearch and Kibana, its implications on the opensource community and what it means for companies already using it.

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