Managed DNS

Performance, Availability, and Precision as a Service

Managed DNS

Go Beyond Legacy Solutions

We at GlobalDots hunt for the most cutting edge and relevant technologies out there.

Once tested and found qualified we bring you the most certified innovative products out there for every pressing use case.

Get the Most out of Your DNS

  • Performance

    A Premium DNS Solution must resolve lookups in just a few milliseconds, no matter where your query is from. If speed is part of your brand story, then Route 53 is where it all starts.

  • Precision for Traffic-Steering

    Advanced traffic steering capabilities ensure optimized resource utilization and power consumption, but also the fastest user experience, even at the largest scales.

  • Availability

    If your DNS is indeed premium and utilizes Route 53, expect a leap in DNS Traffic when it’s deployed, as traffic won’t time out anymore during lookups, even from exotic areas.

  • Premium Features

    It’s not premium unless it includes Dedicated DNS, Dual/Multi DNS, API-first Architecture, DDI, and Mainland China DNS.

Customer Experience Customer Experience

It’s easy to get lost in the saturated, elusive market of Premium DNS. We help you choose and configure a solution to considerably speed up end-user requests compared to your current provider, all the way from whole seconds to milliseconds.

Customer Experience
SEO Performance SEO Performance

Improve your SERP ranking and get more organic traffic due to enhanced performance & availability allowed by Premium DNS. We’ll help you exhaust every paid-for feature to maximize its contribution to your search engine visibility.

SEO Performance
Business Continuity Business Continuity

Insure your web assets and brand reputation from malicious incidents like DDoS. As market experts, we will make sure to gear you with a complete solution, combining performance and security.

Business Continuity
Future-Proof Operations Future-Proof Operations

Taking a holistic look at your business, we equip you with a premium DNS that can be managed in harmony with your existing or planned architecture: via APIs only, Terraform or Pipelines.

Future-Proof Operations

Is DNS Your Security Achilles Heel?

This white paper explains how attackers take advantage of recursive DNS and provides best practices you can follow to mitigate the risks.

Is DNS Your Security Achilles Heel?
  • How will I know which of all the premium DNS features I need?

    Before choosing and implementing a Premium DNS we scope all your current and planned needs, starting with the public, managed DNS portion of your assets. Then, based on your technical requirements, we may recommend – or not – additional Premium Features.

  • Can I pay only for the Premium DNS features I need?

    Packages are usually feature-fixed. However, it is our job to help you exhaust every feature for better performance. We also keep in touch post-implementation to recommend additional features as the need arises, such as advanced traffic steering.

  • If it’s premium, can I go with a basic package?

    Even basic Premium DNS setups provide access to many exceptionally valuable Features. We help you to integrate these right from the start, and to configure it in a way which might save the need for a more costly plan.

  • Who do I go to for support? GlobalDots or the DNS provider?

    GlobalDots has a world-class Team of DNS experts. It will be GlobalDots assisting you throughout the scoping, the implementation, the fine tuning, and the maintenance of your Premium DNS product. This goes far beyond what the vendor would entitle you to under normal circumstances, and this is how we keep 100+ happy DNS Customers worldwide.

Stay Cloud-to-Date

The world of cloud changes quickly. Stay up-to-date with the latest trends & innovation, extensively explored in our resource library.

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    The onslaught of recent outages at major infrastructure providers like Fastly, Cloudflare and Akamai, reminds us of the importance of a holistic business continuity strategy that leaves nothing to chance. Yes, that includes often-overlooked web protocols like DNS. Learn about the DNS strategies that can increase uptime on this webinar, featuring our friends at NS1. […]

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    Last week’s massive outage on the Facebook-Instagram-WhatsApp ecosystem left many of us puzzled and concerned: How did our entire social communication (and news source for many) become so dependent in a single, non-regulated conglomerate? How come this conglomerate can fail over a seemingly-trivial reason such as DNS? And what are the dangers of our over-reliance […]

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    Ebook: DNS Best Practices to Proactively Protect Against Malware

    Proactively protecting your company against malware, ransomware, and phishing at the DNS control-point, as opposed to retroactive triage and remediation, simply makes sense. A cloud-based solution is ideal given ease of configuration and deployment, limiting exposure time and ensuring 100% compliance across all branches, employees, and devices on your network near instantaneously. However, layering an […]

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    Is DNS Your Security Achilles Heel?

    With the constant drumbeat of news reports about security breaches, cyber security is hardto ignore. Organizations understand that they need comprehensive solutions that prevent,detect, and respond to security threats. They often implement multiple layers of securitycontrols to protect their IT systems.Yet gaps remain. Many organizations have a blind spot when it comes to the Domain […]

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    Designing DNS for Availability and Resilience Against DDoS Attacks

    Fast DNS provides organizations with an authoritative DNS service to connect end users withtheir websites and other applications. While much attention is paid to performance, organizationsoften overlook the importance of availability and resilience for DNS—especially against DDoSattacks that seek to disrupt the service and prevent end users from connecting. Akamai designedFast DNS to remain available […]

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    DNS hijacking attacks have become widespread. In this article we discuss DNS hijacking attacks and how you can mitigate them.

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    The Advantages of Using Cloud-Based DNS in Modern Business

    The Advantages of Using Cloud-Based DNS in Modern Business

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    Recursive DNS Security Gaps And How To Address Them

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    Rethink Your DNS Strategy with Multi-DNS

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    Eduardo Rocha, Senior Solutions Engineer at GlobalDots, contributed a guest post to BuiltIn, the online community for startups and tech companies.  In the article, he outlined his approach for creating an IoT infrastructure that is both durable and secure. Here are some of the main takeaways: 1. The IoT industry has seen a steady growth over the past […]

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    With the increasing demand for speedy and efficient content delivery, advanced solutions like the Content Delivery Network (CDN) have emerged. But what does CDN actually mean? Essentially, it’s a network of strategically positioned servers aimed at enhancing the speed and dependability of delivering content to users in different locations. These servers store cached copies of […]

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