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Behavior-Based Fraud Detection

Using big data analysis to detect fraudulent intent based on unique telemetry like mouse movement, finger swipes and keystrokes, and apply automatic measures against malicious actors before they cause harm.

Device Identifier

Easy deployment of a real-time device identifier service that utilizes advanced signal collection and ML algorithms to understand visitors to your site by assigning a unique ID to each device.

Expert Management

Professional anti-fraud experts which saw multiple attack methodologies in multiple verticals can help you leverage their case study experience to close in advance those vulnerabilities you don't know about.

Continuous Revisiting

Attackers get smarter every day, and new solutions emerge accordingly. Only those who closely track the industry can point out new solution to upgrade and simplify your protection.

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How to Evaluate a Solution for Bot Management & Mitigation

An approach with improved bot detection and advanced bot responses at the core is the new recommended best practice for an anti-fraud strategy of any web-based businesses. This eBook will help you choose the best bot management solution for your business, facing today’s overflow of possibilities.

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Encourage Conversions

Encourage Conversions

CAPTCHA and other end-user challenges interrupt the user experience flow with friction and failures. Adopting behavioral anti-fraud reduces security friction by making login, checkout, and authentication seamless for known, returning users and devices.

Protect Brand Reputation

Protect Brand Reputation

Stay away from the news and preserve user loyalty. Keep your site fraud-free and protect user PII and payment details, even against the most sophisticated attackers.

Leverage Collective Experience

Leverage Collective Experience

As advanced attackers retool, supervised and unsupervised ML observes new attack techniques, mitigates them and shares its new immune memory across the customer base.

Walk with Experts

Walk with Experts

Never worry about running out-of-date. Enjoy a fully managed service, acting as an extension of your security and fraud teams, with minimal integration or upgrading effort on your side.

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