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A cloud innovation and 20-year global CDN leader, GlobalDots, partners with Coralogix, a full-stack observability platform, to provide web-based companies with a smart, cost-effective solution to monitor their CDN logs. GlobalDots leverages Coralogix’s centralized observability platform to store, analyze, and monitor CDN logs for web-based companies.

The partnership empowers GlobalDots’ customers to simply and affordably gain access to key data that they would have otherwise missed, enabling better decision making and strategizing. Some benefits include faster incident resolution time, reduction in development time, a 99 percent decrease in errors, and more. Through this partnership, GlobalDots and Coralogix help businesses gain overlooked insights in real time while significantly reducing storage needs, leading to between 40 and 70 percent savings on monitoring costs.

CDNs are the Internet’s lifeblood, making the Internet faster by delivering cached content from servers closer to the end user. Despite this, most IT departments don’t monitor CDN logs due to a lack of time and resources. By ignoring or disregarding CDN logs, companies are missing out on vital data offering insights on user interactions and the website’s health and performance, or user experience. Without CDN log insights, online businesses’ security against bot or DDoS attacks fail to effectively protect their cyber activities, leaving the business vulnerable.

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