Compliance Automation

Achieve a compliance state-of-mind with automated checklists and evidence gathering - all in a single SaaS platform.

What Makes an Effective Compliance Solution

Continuous Evidence Collection

Automatically collect the required data from the enterprise apps and systems and organize them based on the compliance standard’s format. Traditional evidence collection for compliance purposes is done in one point in time, which should be repeated upon recertification. Continuous evidence collection ensures the freshness of the compliance status of the company.

Relevant Standards Covered

Compliance Platforms is an emerging category, with lots of competition coming in as we speak. Know which InfoSec security standards you are subject to, and make sure your selected vendor supports as many of them as possible. The most commonly covered ones are SOC2, PCI DSS, and ISO 27001. According to your industry and geos of interest, you might be subject to others, such as HIPAA, ITGC, CSA, and more.

Easy Integration

As with many SaaS-based products, this one is a key to achieve customer adoption: both in terms of the effort to integrate the service and the number of enterprise applications supported. It should take less than a few hours to integrate and should include integrations to most common apps and systems out of the box.

Compliance Scoping Guidance

The compliance project owner is guided how to even start the compliance process, which teams should be involved, what type of evidence should be collected and in what format, etc. This capability is valuable for startup companies getting started in the compliance process for the first time, or more mature companies trying to tackle a new type of compliance standard.

Gap Analysis & Roadmapping

A holistic view on the company’s compliance status on a daily basis, helping already-compliant companies remain so as they prepare for their external audit. Once most of the compliance related data is collected, a gap analysis is produced in form of a to-do list. This includes any recently-created gaps due to changing environments and configurations.

Auditor Communication Simplified

No more endless emails or chaotic shared drives. The auditor is given access to the platform, where they can review all evidence and comment in one organized place. This allows for the entire audit to be managed in the platform, with nothing lost or left unhandled.

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The Complete Guide to SOC 2 Automation

Compliance leaders feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of preparing for audits. But preparing for, and ultimately achieving, SOC 2 compliance doesn’t need to be complicated or overwhelming. Today, organizations are starting to understand how automation can streamline and vastly simplify the audit preparation process. This guide covers the basics of both SOC 2 and the latest automation solutions that will make the next audit a breeze.

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Your Benefits

Time & Complexity Saved

Time & Complexity Saved

With automated evidence gathering, the number of people, teams, and departments involved in preparing for a security audit is considerably reduced.

Compliance State of Mind

Compliance State of Mind

Compliance platforms integrate with a growing list of business applications to manage a breathable, constantly updating inventory of evidence, to always reflect the current state of every checklist item.

Constant Progress

Constant Progress

Synced with the latest version of each supported security standard, compliance platforms provide gap analysis, recommendations and a clear roadmap towards a compliant status.

Independence & Transparency

Independence & Transparency

Security compliance project owners are empowered with instant, unhindered visibility into other components and configurations of the New Security Stack related to compliance audits.

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