Finally: CDN logs are actionable

Dr. Eduardo Rocha Senior Solutions Engineer & Security Analyst @ GlobalDots
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GlobalDots joins forces with Logging & Observability innovator Coralogix to make CDN logs actionable, offering yet another weapon against global internet outages.

This new focus will mainly benefit organizations with high volume of CDN usage, allowing them to optimize their CDN to save compute costs, and utilize CDN logs to identify traffic & security issues.

CDN monitoring is a must for the large-scale online business

Monitoring CDN data is important for understanding user traffic, tracking application performance, identifying potential security threats such as DDoS attacks, and more. Eventually, the CDN should be a layer handing the burden of scale. An optimized CDN setup may serve up to 80-90% of the requested bytes.

Due to the restricted troubleshooting capabilities of native CDN monitoring solutions, most teams export their CDN logs to more robust 3rd-party log management and monitoring systems. Unfortunately, traditional logging platforms have additional associated challenges.

Most 3rd party monitoring solutions aren’t fast enough, though

CDNs produce a high volume of data, and traditional monitoring tools must index all of this data before they can analyze it and provide insights. Alternatively, they can use a more BI-oriented approach in which a complex bid data operation is needed to analyze the data and it is far, far from realtime. Indexing all of this data is not only cost-prohibitive but inefficient in pinpointing crucial information and alerting on critical events and the BI approach is complex and requires constant maintenance.

To get around the challenges of high data volumes, teams reduce coverage by ingesting only part of the data – either by blocking low-level log statements or with sampling.

This compromise on low data coverage has its toll, including: 

  • Slow MTTI/MTTD – in traditional logging systems, an alert might be triggered 10 minutes after the event – an eternity in terms of web timescale.
  • Slow MTTR. 
  • Undetected security threats such as DDoS attacks.

The Coralogix innovative edge

The Coralogix platform leverages a proprietary streaming technology to ingest and analyze event data without relying on indexed storage. This enables users to ingest and monitor large data volumes with zero latency and without worrying about exponential cost increases or performance issues.

Coralogix lack of dependency of storage enables various dashboards integration, Kibana, Grafana, SQL clients, Jaeger, Tableau and more, so adoption and flexibility are ensured, Using Coralogix as a centralized, single pane of glass for observability data means that CDN logs and metrics can be correlated with data from additional sources for further analysis and context.

The GlobalDots expertise

GlobalDots has gathered its CDN expertise along 2 decades, as a lifelong premium channel partner of Akamai, Cloudflare and other global vendors. It is therefore the world’s most competent technology partner to implement the Coralogix innovation on the highly critical CDN use-case.

Contact GlobalDots today to start benefiting from your CDN logs and step up towards 100% uptime and faster incident management!

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