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Best-in-class security tools and professional services to replace or complement your Security Operation Center.

  • Why SMBs Are A Prime Cybersecurity Target

    Data breaches and stolen information are a regular occurrence in the business world today, with SMBs at almost constant risk of attack. In fact, as mentioned in the 2021 SMB IT security report by Untangle, 43% of cyber-attacks target small businesses, with attacks continuing to increase year by year. This is causing huge issues for […]

    From our Partners
    26th July, 2022
  • Ransomware Protection: How to Resource it?

    It was Ott Biederman, an accountant for American organized crime back at the turn of the 19th century that originally issued the famous immortal line, “Nothing personal, its just business.” That is what ransomware is today — just business. While there are occasional ransomware attacks initiated by state-sponsored groups to bring down the operations of key infrastructure, most […]

    From our Partners
    25th July, 2022
  • The GlobalDots-Cloudflare SOC Offering on the News

    Cloudflare recently announced its new SOC as-a-service offering, in partnership with GlobalDots and 3 additional global partners. With GlobalDots, this offering will include a full suit of web security solutions, implemented and configured by the GlobalDots engineering team. The GlobalDots team will also provide advanced support and professional services to the Cloudflare products included. Read […]

    14th July, 2021
  • GlobalDots & Cloudflare Introduce SOC-as-a-Service

    The increasing difficulty in recruiting in-house security engineers has created a wide demand for Security Operation Centers as-a-service, especially in fast-growing organizations. “It’s hard to overstate the extent to which online has become the most important channel for many businesses,” says CloudFlare. “Dealing with today’s volume of data, you need a reliable mechanism to sift […]

    Francesco Altomare, Southern Europe Regional Manager @ GlobalDots
    26th May, 2021

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