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Vulnerability Management

Patch Only Vulnerabilities that Matter.

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What Makes an Effective Vulnerability Management Solution

Vulnerability Prioritization

Prioritize only on runtime code that’s actually loaded into memory (and thus exploitable) and dramatically reduce patching efforts.

Integration with DevOps Tools

Solutions that integrate with all of your DevOps and infrastructure tools via their native APIs create a clear, coherent, actionable view of your IT environment’s attack surface.

Continuous Compliance

Monitor for new vulnerabilities on an ongoing basis, and automatically remediate them with relevant patches during predefined maintenance windows.

Autonomous Cloud Resource Protection

Address vulnerabilities on the basis of risk and asset value, with a policy engine which allows enterprises to prioritize remediation based on the risk of the vulnerability.

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Automated Vulnerability Remediation – Solution Brief

New software vulnerabilities are exposed at an alarming rate, compelling vendors to release multiple patches, overwhelming IT and lnfoSec teams. At the same time, the key approach to dealing with vulnerabilities – Patching – consists of manual steps and handshakes that makes this critical process tedious and inefficient. Luckily, technology can overcome this - download the brief to learn more.

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Your Benefits

Headcount Efficiency

Headcount Efficiency

Reduced load, time and efforts of security and DevSecOps teams by focusing on vulnerabilities in components that are actually executed in production.

Tighten Control & Access

Tighten Control & Access

Control and document any manual change that bypasses the CI/CD pipeline, continuously assess your environment’s immutability level, flagging services with frequent manual changes.

Cloud-Speed Security

Cloud-Speed Security

DevOps requires speed and scale, and to keep up, resilience must be part of the infrastructure DNA. The vulnerability management solution enables your DevOps teams to run without fear.

Security-as-Code Mitigation

Security-as-Code Mitigation

Adding active enforcement capabilities to existing IT orchestration tools and workflows ensures cloud workloads are always protected from vulnerability exploitation, unauthorized code execution, and privilege escalation.

With a vulnerability patch management solution you can eliminate patching blind spots, discover all applications and identify security threats using a comprehensive patch compliance report. The solution integrates with all of your DevOps and infrastructure tools via their native APIs, creating a clear, coherent and actionable view of your environment’s attack surface.

Reducing vulnerability patching efforts can be achieved with a cloud-based vulnerability management platform that leverages your existing patch managers, using machine learning technology to optimize patch rollouts, resulting in more secure systems and shorter downtimes.

Based on our experience, since the vast majority of deployed code is never actually used in runtime, prioritizing and focusing on what’s actually loaded and thus exploitable dramatically reduces patching efforts by up to 60%.


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