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Kubernetes Security
Admin Globaldots 12.04.21

If you need to update or create a new Kubernetes environment, we explain how to do it securely by design. Join Kubernetes and security experts from GlobalDots, Cloudical, and Octarine as they come together to share best practices for approaching security risks when transitioning to Kubernetes or updating an existing environment. The workshop includes an […]

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Webinar: Defending eCommerce from Next-Gen Identity Fraud
Bot Mitigation & Anti-Fraud
Dr. Eduardo Rocha, Senior Solutions Engineer & Security Analyst @ GlobalDots 12.04.21

Fill out the form to watch now. Following the 2020 uptick in eCommerce traffic and offers, automated fraud has become overwhelmingly sophisticated. As they manage to impersonate human behavior while stealing and abusing user credentials, “bad bots” become harder to differentiate from real users. Hence the pressing need of retailers to augment their security postures, […]

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Why SASE is the Future of SD WAN and Security (Italian)
Francesco Altomare, Southern Europe Regional Manager @ GlobalDots 02.02.21

Watch our most recent webinar featuring enterprise security giant CATO Networks. CATO invented Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) as a new approach to converge enterprise networking & security, replacing point solutions with a synergic security layer.

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