Webinar: Safer, Smarter – Cloud WAF 2.0 (Hebrew)

Cloud transformation is an opportunity to implement a WAF that fits your new, agile IT infrastructure. Appliance-based WAF, or a migrated one, is insufficient for 2021’s security challenges. However, many organizations are concerned that the current range of Cloud WAFs is insufficient for their needs. Starting today, this concern belongs in the past.

In this webinar, held in Hebrew, we will present the world’s only cloud-native WAF which was named Leader by Gartner. This will allow you the peace of mind of having an acclaimed solution, alongside the cloud-native scalability which can take on attacks on any volume whatsoever. 

What you’ll learn

  • How cloud WAF works, and how it’s different from appliance-based or lift-&-shift WAF.
  • How cloud WAF better protects your web assets.
  • How cloud WAF saves you money and hassle.
  • How long it takes to implement, and what it takes on your end (spoiler: almost nothing).

About the speaker

Dror Arie is a senior solution architect at GlobalDots, specializing in the Web sphere. Dror has led complex cloud-related projects for dozens of Israeli and international organizations, including cloud transformation, security, cost & performance optimization. Dror maintains tight, lasting relationships with clients, from preliminary consultation to post-implementation professional services. 

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