Webinar: Never Buffer – A New World Benchmark for Content Delivery Success

Content Delivery Network (CDN)


This webinar, presented by GlobalDots and NPAW, will showcase a new CDN balancing solution and discuss the benefits and advantages of having a multi-CDN strategy for video delivery.


  • Francesco Altomare, Senior Solutions Architect, GlobalDots
  • Ruben Senor-Megias, NPAW
  • Dan Rayburn, Streaming Expert, Frost & Sullivan

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Content Delivery Network (CDN)
How to Evaluate and Implement a Multi-CDN Strategy
Francesco Altomare 23.08.21

Many recent global internet outages originated in a CDN provider’s error or unexpected shutdown. A single hour’s outage has a devastating effect on businesses which depend on their websites. In addition, depending on a single CDN provider may result in unnecessarily high traffic costs. Hence, no time is better to consider a multi-CDN strategy that […]

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Multi Content Delivery Network Explained
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Your query on the web to find out about CDN, multi CDN, federated CDN, hybrid CDN and why is it important at all, can easily turn into a stream of different, sometimes confusing information, as these terms are getting more and more popular, and definitions are more and more dispersed, given the number of providers […]

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Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Content Delivery Network Explained
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Intro A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a globally distributed network of web servers or Points of Presence (PoP) whose purpose is to provide faster content delivery. The content is replicated and stored throughout the CDN so the user can access the data that is stored at a location that is geographically closest to the […]

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