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If you are starting out on your Kubernetes journey with limited resources and an abundance of questions, please join us for our Hands-on Kubernetes Workshop. Our team of Kubernetes and security experts from GlobalDots, Cloudical, and Octarine are coming together to provide solutions for unavoidable risks when deploying a new environment, and to showcase how to get started with kubescan, an open-sourced runtime tool that scans Kubernetes configs and settings to identify and rank potential vulnerabilities.

This workshop includes an interactive demo (you can practice alongside us in your own Minikube environment!*), a collaborative and educational overview of best practices, and a 30-minute open QA session. *Prior to the workshop, be sure to install Minikube 1.8.2 (1.9 is out and needs additional drivers) and Helm to practice alongside as we walk through the demo!

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Webinar: Kubernetes Security – How to Build it Right the First Time
Kubernetes Security
Admin Globaldots 12.04.21

If you need to update or create a new Kubernetes environment, we explain how to do it securely by design. Join Kubernetes and security experts from GlobalDots, Cloudical, and Octarine as they come together to share best practices for approaching security risks when transitioning to Kubernetes or updating an existing environment. The workshop includes an […]

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VMware to Acquire Kubernetes Security Firm Octarine
Kubernetes Security
Admin Globaldots 18.05.20

VMware to Acquire Kubernetes Security Firm Octarine

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Securing Kubernetes and the Container Landscape
Kubernetes Security
Nesh (Steven Puddephatt), Senior Solutions Engineer @ GlobalDots 13.03.20

Read our latest article to find out more about securing your Kubernetes deployments and container landscape.

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