Defending eCommerce from Next-Gen Identity Fraud

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Bot Mitigation & Anti-Fraud

The Speakers

Eduardo Rocha, Senior Sales Engineer at GlobalDots

Eduardo’s Network Security PhD focused on novel approaches for detecting illicit and malicious traffic and attacks. A Senior Sales Engineer at GlobalDots, Eduardo solves complex network security challenges posed by the new, heavily distributed reality. He plans and implements enterprise security solutions enabling businesses to run smooth and fast in global, remote-work conditions. Eduardo specializes in innovative identity management and zero-trust solutions, and in walking companies through their digital transformation journeys.

Mario van Riesen, Regional Sales Director DACH at Shape Security

As a Regional Sales Director, Mario van Riesen, runs Shape Security’s engagements with key European customers across the DACH region. He is experienced in helping large brands protect their web and mobile assets from unwanted automation and sophisticated cyberattacks. Prior to Shape, Mario worked as a sales director in the software branch of a service/consultancy firm and he has also previously been responsible for the distribution of enterprise software solutions throughout the EMEA region for other US companies.


GlobalDots is a 17-year world leader in connecting businesses with the latest cloud & web technologies. 
We consult, resell, implement, and customize full-stack solutions, including security, cost & performance optimization, connectivity, and managed services. 
Fusing an insatiable hunger for innovation with a diligent team of hands-on experts, we help our customers thrive & grow in a quickly-changing world.

Shape Security
Shape Security, now part of F5, has developed the world’s first converged, AI-powered platform that maximizes business results – improving topline revenue and reducing bottom-line losses – by delivering application security, anti-fraud and user experience outcomes for web and mobile applications.



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Bot Mitigation & Anti-Fraud
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