Thorsten Deutrich, VP Sales & DACH Regional Manager at GlobalDots
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Finally, you can utilize your CDN to its full potential, using the most innovative solutions in the market.

Real-time log analysis was never really possible, particularly for online businesses that deal with large amounts of traffic. With today’s technology, you can process logs instantly, view dashboards, and receive alerts before bad things happen.

Using smart monitoring tools, you can now achieve 100% reduction of downtime, decrease bot traffic share from 70% to 10%, and intercept attacks in seconds instead of hours.

Our very own Thorsten Deutrich presented a detailed explanation at the World Aviation Festival:

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Inform every aspect of your product & business with CDN Monitoring
Monitoring, Logging & Observability
Snir Ambar, Head of AI & Innovation @ GlobalDots 22.09.22

Extract actionable real-time insights, optimize performance and identify issues before they become problems – by unlocking the hidden value of CDN logs! Get 14 days free access to all features right now.

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Webinar: Never Buffer – A New World Benchmark for Content Delivery Success
Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Francesco Altomare, Senior Sales Engineer @ GlobalDots 11.10.21

Abstract This webinar, presented by GlobalDots and NPAW, will showcase a new CDN balancing solution and discuss the benefits and advantages of having a multi-CDN strategy for video delivery. Speakers Francesco Altomare, Senior Solutions Architect, GlobalDots Ruben Senor-Megias, NPAW Dan Rayburn, Streaming Expert, Frost & Sullivan Fill out the form to watch on-demand.

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The Benefits of better CDN Monitoring
Monitoring, Logging & Observability
Admin Globaldots 13.09.22

CDNs are no longer a luxury but a necessity. And so is their monitoring to secure, scale, and improve your product.

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