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  • How Justt Saved $100K Yearly with IaC

    Justt is a chargeback mitigation startup based in Tel Aviv. Chargebacks, as defined, are demands by a credit card provider for a retailer to reimburse losses on fraudulent or disputed transactions. Justt’s objective is to assist merchants worldwide in combating false chargebacks using its proprietary artificial intelligence technology.

    22nd February, 2024
  • On-Demand Webinar: Securing Content on AWS with Okta

    Not implementing OpenID Connect properly in AWS can lead to various consequences, including security breaches, unauthorized access to sensitive information, and compromised user data. However, these risks can be avoided when OpenID Connect is configured carefully, as it is designed to provide a secure and seamless way to authenticate users and control access to protected […]

    Valerii Vainkop, DevOps Team Leader @ GlobalDots
    16th April, 2023
  • On-Demand Webinar: Testing IaS – How to Solve the Common Challenges

    Are you struggling to effectively test your Terraform infrastructure code? Even the best plans can fail, resulting in half-formed infrastructure that can have serious consequences for your business, such as lost revenue or damage to your reputation due to downtime, security vulnerabilities, operational inefficiencies, and difficulties scaling. In this webinar, we will introduce an innovative […]

    Sergey Bulavintsev, DevOps Engineer
    27th February, 2023
  • AWS Cost Optimization: Best Practices Unveiled

    The cost optimization of AWS cloud infrastructure is a pivotal consideration for organizations operating in today’s dynamic and ever-evolving IT landscape. Without proper governance and cost allocation strategies, the utilization of cloud resources can result in substantial monetary losses and suboptimal resource utilization. Our new eBook, DevOps Checklist for Cost Optimization, aimed at providing organizations with […]

    Nesh (Steven Puddephatt), Senior Solutions Engineer @ GlobalDots
    12th February, 2023
  • Cybersecurity takes center stage

    In recognition of National Coding Week,, a top media channel covering tech, startup, venture capital, internet, mobile, development and more – featured a guest post by Artem Mescheryakov, Senior DevOps Engineer at GlobalDots:  “National Coding Week is about learning the value and importance of digital skills as well as nurturing the increasingly important skill of coding. Developer shortages […]

    Artem Mescheryakov, Senior DevOps Engineer @ GlobalDots
    20th September, 2022
  • DevOps Expertise at Your Doorstep 

    Expert teams fit into every product development and deployment stage – we implement CI/CD, Kubernetes Migration & Clusters, Infrastructure as Code, Logging and Observability, Cloud Infrastructure Design, Container Management, and much more.

    Dror Arie, Head of Engineering @ GlobalDots
    29th June, 2022
  • DevOps, DevSecOps, and SRE: What’s (Really) the Difference?

    DevOps is an enterprise software development phrase used to describe an agile relationship between development and IT management. Changing and improving the relationship between these two business units is the goal of DevOps, which advocates better communication and collaboration. It is estimated that the DevOps (Development to Operations) market will grow at a CAGR during […]

    Garron Kramer, Senior DevOps Engineer @ GlobalDots
    9th May, 2022
  • Cloud Deep Learning: AWS, Azure & GCP Compared

    How Can You Do Deep Learning in the Cloud? Deep learning is at the center of most artificial intelligence initiatives. It is based on the concept of a deep neural network, which passes inputs through multiple layers of connections. Neural networks can perform many complex cognitive tasks, improving performance dramatically compared to classical machine learning […]

    From our Partners
    23rd February, 2022
  • How to Get DevOps Automation Right – a Starter’s Guide

    Cloud technologies develop all the time, with the product pipeline being a focal point as companies are expected to deliver faster, better, safer code. But the latest DevOps technologies still require some consideration before adopting them to understand if they are a good fit for your use case. With proper DevOps tools and streamlined processes, […]

    Dror Arie, Head of Engineering @ GlobalDots
    19th January, 2022
  • Terraform Naming Conventions & Best Practices: A hell-of-a-practical guide

    Modules naming conventions  Based on Hashicorp documentations we should follow general naming conventions for  Terraform modules.  Based on information above all Terraform modules should follow next ruleset • All source code in git All modules follow naming convention terraform-<PROVIDER>-<NAME>. For  example terraform-aws-ec2, terraform-azure-vms, terraform-infoblox-dns etc • All terraform modules should have Unit/Integration tests. For example […]

    Francesco Altomare, Southern Europe Regional Manager @ GlobalDots
    19th August, 2021
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