A Breakthrough in Observability: Cost-Effective Tracing

Miguel Fersen Iberia & LATAM Regional Manager @ GlobalDots
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In an era where more observability vendors are offering tracing ingestion and visualization as part of their services, GlobalDots stands out by providing a set of data optimization features that significantly reduce costs, maximize insights, and create a scalable tracing strategy​.

The Need for Cost-Effective Tracing

Tracing is designed to track every single interaction within a system, leading to an explosion in data volumes even at a small scale. This massive data growth directly impacts three critical features of any observability solution: performance, cost, and usability. Performance issues are most noticeable during outages, while high data volumes can increase costs and make it difficult to focus on the necessary details.

Unfortunately, many observability vendors don’t offer cost optimization tools, as their business models are often based on wasteful data usage. Thanks to our vendor-agnostic approach, we’re partnering with innovators who encourage users to optimize costs at every opportunity​​. 

Introducing Our Innovative Feature

Our new feature is designed to address these issues. It allows users to decide which traces will and won’t be indexed, eliminating the need to exchange valuable insights for cost. In addition, every feature is still accessible without indexing. Users can now rapidly scale their tracing strategy, retaining only the traces they absolutely need. Moreover, traces can be converted into metrics, enabling long-term retention, instant access, and flexible analysis. Finally, traces can be archived, reindexed, or directly queried, even without indexing, enabling our users to greatly increase their dataset of tracing data without incurring significant costs​.​

Historical Tracing: An Overlooked Use Case

Another standout feature of our solution is its support for historical tracing. Customers can retain detailed information about their service-to-service interactions in their S3 bucket for as long as they like, without suffering from the performance, cost, and usability penalties of the past. Data is not only retained but instantly accessible, without the need to reindex​​.

Real-Time insights from 100+ integrations

Archive: Not Just a Storage Container

Our archive solution, for both logs and traces, is not simply a storage container for unindexed data. It’s an active part of the customer’s dataset, driving informed decisions and producing insights well after data is ingested. Your tracing platform should be scalable and cost-efficient, with native integrations into your favorite open source tools​​.

Cut Your Monitoring Costs

We believe that different data is used differently and to achieve different goals. That’s why our customers pay relative to the value of their data, not the volume​. By prioritizing data before storing or indexing, we significantly reduce monitoring costs while simultaneously improving system visibility​.


Leverage our innovative technology to automatically analyze and prioritize your data before indexing. With our solution, you can assign each application or subsystem pair and log severity level to a different data pipeline, giving you maximum control over your data and how it’s handled.

With GlobalDots, you can reduce your monitoring costs by up to 70% without reducing system visibility and your ability to query, monitor, and manage your data. Regardless of how you choose to prioritize your data, you always have full access to all GlobalDots features​​. This is the future of cost-effective, scalable, and highly insightful tracing strategy.

GlobalDots’ multi-vendor approach has allowed leaders such as SentinelOne, Gong, and Playtika, to optimize their cloud costs by introducing cutting-edge solutions. To discuss how your cloud architecture can benefit from GlobalDots‘ innovation hunting skills, get in touch today.

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