Think Like an attacker: GlobalDots extends CNAPP capabilities

Dror Arie Head of Engineering @ GlobalDots
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GlobalDots is excited to announce an extension in its cloud-native application protection platform (CNAPP), that provides greater insight into attack paths and runtime visibility, helping organizations reduce their cloud risk while improving cloud security posture. 

Like a handful of needles, critical vulnerabilities can get lost in the countless stacks of software. GlobalDots’ innovation offers data-driven attack path analysis, helping you find those needles before attackers puncture your defenses. This is a major catalyst for ongoing investigations; attack response lag reduction; and proactive attack modeling. In an industry first, data can now be correlated from both agentless and agent-based approaches. No other solution on the market offers this depth and range of analyses.

How One AI-Driven Media Platform Cut EBS Costs for AWS ASGs by 48%

How One AI-Driven Media Platform Cut EBS Costs for AWS ASGs by 48%

These automated deep-dives into an organization’s overlooked vulnerabilities are then condensed into single alert views. From here, it’s made crystal clear how an attacker could successfully compromise the cloud environment. Contextual mitigation steps are provided under one priority: What Would an Attacker Do?

Visualize Attacks – Without Alert Overload 

GlobalDots’ now offers the key to switching to proactive security via attack path analysis, enabling organizations to:

  • Find the Attack Path: Attack paths are no longer linear affairs: attackers will jump across different software entities with no previously established direct connection. Plugging up these unintended connections has historically been a battle against the very patching process you rely on day-to-day. Instead of thousands of individual alerts, GlobalDots now aids in contextualizing these vulnerabilities within exploitable attack chains. 
  • Dig Deeper: With its accessible overview, the user-friendly dashboard highlights a network’s most important stats in real time. However, alongside a pictographic summary, GlobalDots has placed the importance of cloud visibility centerstage. An associated list of software is provided within each runtime environment, creating an up-to-date inventory of software components. This granular data supports a far more accessible foundation to an organization’s cloud’s security health.
  • Think Like An Attacker: GlobalDots’ focus on context remains a leading goal in this update. This attack modeling prioritizes risks that attackers themselves could be on the hunt for, while we hunt for the latest innovative mitigation solutions. Software vulnerabilities are important, but so too are the secrets and escalation opportunities granted by each software’s potential infiltration. Instead of piecemeal system patches that clog the DevSecOps backlog, today’s vulnerability fixes can become as speedy and adaptive as attackers themselves.

A Dual Agent Approach

In order to better equip organizations with future-proof patch prioritization, the new solution revolutionizes CNAPP modeling architecture. 

Attack Path Analysis

Within attack path modeling, agents provide a lifeline for in-depth attack path analysis. However, this same modeling technique can represent real risk and inflexibility. Agents regularly demand administrative permissions, and sometimes even inherit the permissions of the protected asset, violating the principle of least privilege. In other cases, having to install an agent onto every single asset greatly limits the true visibility promised. 

Agentless Workload Scanning

Agentless, on the other hand, can offer major benefits to larger, more established organizations. Agentless workload scanning provides broader coverage across multiple complex environments. It demands far less setup time within widespread runtime environments, and can offer broader swathes of analysis. Starting today, our agentless approach allows vulnerabilities and exposed secrets to be visible throughout container images, hosts, and language libraries, leaving no stone unturned.

Construct Layered Security With Both 

Now, with GlobalDots, you can choose to use both agent-based and agentless approaches. And thanks to this dual-agent approach, deep analysis is combined with frictionless, fast-acting attack path scanning. With deeply contextual information laid bare, it now becomes possible to implement layered security, combatting secrets exposed throughout the production environment. 

As more companies face ever-larger quantities of data, it’s essential that security controls step up to the data-driven mark. With its industry-first ability to collect, analyze, and correlate data from across an organization’s security fabric, GlobalDots is excited to offer the next-gen step in contextual vulnerability management.

Start your risk management revolution today by booking a demo with a GlobalDots expert to learn more about truly contextual cloud security.

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