Making Cloud Compliance Easy

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The Challenge: Dealing with the Back-and-Forth

There are so many shared challenges when it comes to cloud compliance. The constant back-and-forth with the auditor has become a draining routine. As you dart through digital archives for necessary audit evidence, precious minutes slip away from your actual duties. Each passing hour pulls you further from your role, into a thicket of security compliance. Amidst the chaos, a thought persistently nudges at you, “There has to be a more streamlined way to handle this.”

How One AI-Driven Media Platform Cut EBS Costs for AWS ASGs by 48%

How One AI-Driven Media Platform Cut EBS Costs for AWS ASGs by 48%

Sounds like you?

We get it. At GlobalDots, we know how annoying and time-consuming these challenges can be. That’s why we’re committed to changing the game. We’ve found and curated a compliance solution that aims to make your life a whole lot easier.

Curated Features

We picked this solution because of its transformative features, tailored for a world that can’t afford to slow down:

  • Automated Evidence Collection: Think of it as your digital evidence collector, pulling together crucial compliance evidence for audits at the click of a button.
  • 24/7 Control Monitoring: This is your ever-watchful guardian, ensuring all your cloud assets stay on the right side of compliance laws.
  • Unified Audit Management: One dashboard, multiple functions. Everything you need to know about your compliance status at a glance.

A Mosaic of Compliance Standards

Versatility is key, which is why we’ve curated a solution that adapts seamlessly to multiple compliance frameworks:

– SOC 2

– ISO 27001




The Shift: Compliance Automation as Your New Asset

We’ve turned the tables on compliance. It’s not just a box to be checked; compliance automation is a performance enhancer that brings upon:

  • Improved Team Efficiency
  • Reduced Error Rates 
  • Getting Compliant Simpler and Quicker

With this curated solution, security compliance automation could very well become your organization’s unsung hero.

Imagine a world where compliance isn’t just easier; it’s also a catalyst for growth, innovation and peace of mind.

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