Francesco Altomare, Southern Europe Regional Manager @ GlobalDots
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The increasing difficulty in recruiting in-house security engineers has created a wide demand for Security Operation Centers as-a-service, especially in fast-growing organizations.

“It’s hard to overstate the extent to which online has become the most important channel for many businesses,” says CloudFlare. “Dealing with today’s volume of data, you need a reliable mechanism to sift through all traffic to find the attacks more easily. Even with the most sophisticated tools, this can be time-consuming work. And that’s before you even get to responding and mitigating those attacks.”

CloudFlare, a US-based web infrastructure and website security company, is a world-renowned provider of CDN, DDoS mitigation, web security products, and DDNS. These products made it a long-standing partner of GlobalDots, which help customers get the most out of these products with expert customizations, integrations, and configurations.

This new joint operation formalizes CloudFlare’s recognition of GlobalDots’ excellence in multiple as-a-service domains, such as Managed Cloud Services, DevOps services, Network Operation Center (NOC), and professional services for CloudFlare products. This operation will deepen the GlobalDots-CloudFlare partnership in providing full-stack security services.

“We are proud to be partnering with CloudFlare in this unique offering,” says Yuval Rachlin, the Founder & CEO of GlobalDots. “It is an excellent addition to our already-innovative and diverse portfolio of Edge, Cloud and Networking services. At GlobalDots, we live to assist our clients adopt the most innovative solutions and streamline business processes with our superb professional services. We highly appreciate Cloudflare’s choice of us to be part this program, and we will harness GlobalDots’ global coverage to make it a great one. Being one of the most advanced network providers we work with, we are confident that CloudFlare’s SOC-as-a-service will be highly appreciated by our clients.”

“We are delighted to partner with Cloudflare as a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP),” says Thorsten Deutrich, VP of Sales at GlobalDots. “GlobalDots has the experience of providing services to some of the most frequented and attacked web properties globally. Our Cyber Security expertise, combined with Cloudflare’s enterprise-grade products, will make this partnership a huge success.”

After thorough training with Cloudflare solutions, the GlobalDots professional team can provide CloudFlare customers globally with trusted Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) offerings, including ongoing hands-on-keyboard configuration updates and fine-tuning.

GlobalDots engineers will also integrate with third-party security tools, services, analytics, and SIEM platforms like Splunk, Sumo Logic, and others to provide a holistic view of a customer’s threat profile, outside just Cloudflare solutions – in line with GlobalDots’ multi-vendor, innovation-driven approach.

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