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Network Operations Center (NOC)

Flexible, modular network service solution delivered by experts, 24/7/365

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Our NOC Standard

24/7/365 Support

Our global team of support operatives delivers truly follow-the-sun support with immediate response.

Tier 1-3 Support Levels

Choose the SLA that’s right for your business and complements your teams' level of knowledge.

“Salad Bar” Plan Structure

Pick and choose your custom support package, tailored to your individual business needs by our network support experts.

Customised Solutions

Bring your own software and services and we’ll integrate them into our NOC - no ‘one size fits all’ approach.

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Your Benefits

Cutting Costs

Cutting Costs

Reduce costs to operate an in-house NOC service. Reduce your operational costs by up to 50% by leveraging our existing team.

Expert Management

Expert Management

GlobalDots will manage your monitoring and alerting solution. We bring 12 years of expertise to the table, leaving you headache-free, and able to focus on your business objectives.

Reduced Risk

Reduced Risk

Our expertise creates informed decisions, ensuring risk is reduced for your business. Events like the Heartbleed or Poodle bug (which wreaked havoc across the world) would easily be mitigated by GlobalDots, compared to addressing them in-house.

Full Flexibility

Full Flexibility

Large enterprises and small companies are equally catered for. Our adaptable toolset and wide ranging business expertise means we can tackle any business need.


An outsourced NOC gives you access to skilled experts who have administered multiple complex IT infrastructures – experts which often enough you can’t bring in-house. Add to that extended service hours and the saved employment costs.

Without a NOC, your IT spends precious time on monitoring and incident resolution, which is sometimes out of their area of their expertise, instead of focusing on your business priorities.

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Talk to an Expert

Schedule a call with our experts. Discover new technology to improve your performance, and get DevOps & cloud management recommendations.
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