Solution Brief: Agentless Cloud Workload Protection

Cloud Workload Protection

Explore the main features, capabilities, and benefits of the latest cloud workload protectors.

This category of products is meant to safeguard the organizational public cloud environment by:

  • Removing excessive permissions
  • Creating attack stories out of anomalies across different apps and workloads
  • Auto-hardening upon suspicious incidents

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Cloud Workload Protection

Protecting Cloud Workloads from Data Breaches: Inside Radware’s CNP

anastasia axelrod 13.01.22

How many of your users’ cloud permissions are actually necessary? Can there be one source of truth for vulnerabilities in multi-cloud environments? And how hard is auto-hardening? This demo is all about answering these questions. Watch GlobalDots solutions engineer Steven Puddephatt break down the basics of Cloud Workload Protection, and explore one of today’s category […]

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Cloud Workload Protection

GlobalDots Equips Armis with Radware CWP

Dror Arie 02.01.22

IoT security vendor Armis keeps trusting GlobalDots and Radware for its public cloud security needs.  GlobalDots is a long-standing technology partner of IoT security vendor Armis, responsible for a great deal of Armis’ innovative IT infrastructure, such as Identity & Access Management (Okta) and Cloud Cost Reduction (Cloudzero). Now, GlobalDots helps Armis secure its public […]

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Cloud Workload Protection

GlobalDots Partners with Cloud Security Innovator Lacework

Li-Or Amir 23.11.21

GlobalDots has announced a partnership with Lacework, the data-driven security platform for the cloud. By adding Lacework to its vendor portfolio, GlobalDots will add to its cloud security offering to clients and partners, introducing a single solution to address workload vulnerabilities across multi-cloud environments. The Lacework Cloud Security Platform has met the GlobalDots standard for […]

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