Explore the main features, capabilities, and benefits of the latest cloud workload protectors.

This category of products is meant to safeguard the organizational public cloud environment by:

  • Removing excessive permissions
  • Creating attack stories out of anomalies across different apps and workloads
  • Auto-hardening upon suspicious incidents

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eBook: CISO’s playbook to cloud security
Cloud Workload Protection Vulnerability Management
Admin Globaldots 07.12.22

To secure enterprise assets in the cloud, CISOs have to address several new challenges unseen in traditional IT and on-premises data centers. Ensure your enterprise’s cloud infrastructure is secure with this comprehensive guide! This is your chance to turn cloud security challenges into opportunities. The benefits of securing your cloud infrastructure lead to enterprise-wide positive business […]

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How to protect your cloud environment from ransomware
Cloud Workload Protection
Admin Globaldots 17.08.22

Ransomware attacks encrypt and lock a victim’s data and files, requiring payment to unlock or decrypt them. An attack like this uses human, system, network, and software vulnerabilities to infect the victim’s devices-whether it’s a computer, printer, smartphone, wearable, point-of-sale (POS) terminal, etc. Ransomware is an industry, and big business. The end goal of every […]

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Cloud Workload Protection: Top 4 Vendors Compared & Evaluation Criteria
Cloud Workload Protection
Admin Globaldots 07.04.21

Recent reports show that overall enterprise use of cloud services spiked by 50% due to work from home mandates caused by the pandemic. This rush has led to an increase in cloud-native security risks, such as publicly-exposed API keys and resources and excessive permissions. Problem is, alert overflow and lack of context to the alerts […]

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