Artem Mescheryakov, Senior DevOps Engineer @ GlobalDots
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In recognition of National Coding Week,, a top media channel covering tech, startup, venture capital, internet, mobile, development and more – featured a guest post by Artem Mescheryakov, Senior DevOps Engineer at GlobalDots: 

“National Coding Week is about learning the value and importance of digital skills as well as nurturing the increasingly important skill of coding. Developer shortages across the U.S. and the developed world highlight the lack of necessary skills and expertise in the field of coding.

This shortage potentially brings with it severe consequences, most notably in the area of cybersecurity, where growing numbers of cyber threats present grave challenges for governments, businesses, institutions, and individuals. In honour of National Coding Week, it is paramount that cybersecurity plays a more pronounced role in the software development processes going forward.

Developer-first security, or DevSecOps, refers to a methodology designed to bring development, security, and operations together under a unified team. The unification of developers with security specialists enables an application to more effectively deter and correct security matters throughout the software lifecycle”.

For valuable insight into some of the most important practices organizations can deploy to strengthen application development security, read the full article now.

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