How to Free Yourself (and Core Teams) from Ungrateful Compliance Work

Dror Arie Head of Engineering @ GlobalDots
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What is the most annoying thing about compliance work?

Out of 150 security leaders surveyed on Pulse, 41% pointed out their struggle for cooperation from core teams in producing evidence needed for InfoSec audits. In other words, compliance work is ungrateful and unpopular.

Cloud compliance in hyper-growth companies poses a significant challenge in terms of business growth. Whether a business is born into the cloud or moves to the cloud as a natural progression, compliance processes will become more complicated and time-consuming.

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How One AI-Driven Media Platform Cut EBS Costs for AWS ASGs by 48%

In our latest webinar with Dror Arie, Senior Solutions Architect at GlobalDots, and Eden Amitai, Product Marketing Director anecdotes, we explain how you can automate InfoSec compliance efforts, so core teams are freed from the hassle of evidence collection, and security leaders no longer depend on these teams’ cooperation.

By eliminating these mundane tasks from your team’s workflow, you can optimize traditional processes with innovative solutions. This will make you and your team actually enjoy smart compliance.

Watch the webinar in full here:

Growing A Cloud-Native Company & Compliance Frustration

Customers expect cloud companies to be fully compliant, and so there really is no escaping the need to follow compliance regulations. Yet compliance can cause ongoing friction within a company, and this can have a detrimental impact on performance and progression. So, how can you maintain existing frameworks while nurturing growth?

Well, compliance tends to involve the members of your team who are most pressed for time. These individuals simply don’t have the time or resources to provide screenshots and evidence, for example, for compliance sign-off. And this in itself can hold back your business and key projects. Not only does compliance cost your company time, but time that could be better spent on other tasks such as digital marketing and data and analytics to increase sales. Plus, if you’re hoping to scale, unscalable compliance can quickly become not just a nuisance, but a full-fledged roadblock.

Cloud Compliance & Submitting Evidence

To improve cloud compliance and save companies a significant amount of time and money, we need to stem the flow of evidence distribution. By this, we mean stopping several members of your team from sending screenshots, documents, and evidence back and forth throughout your organization, which can be chaotic, to say the least.

Then siloed compliance projects also need to be addressed. Rather than create complex excel documents featuring hundreds of manual screenshots from HR, R&D, and DevOps, which then need to be updated and reviewed annually, why not automate this entire process?

InfoSec compliance certificates, such as SOC 2, are now a precondition to sales. And this is a fundamental part of offering a digital supply chain. Either you must accept it with love, or without, but either way, it’s essential. So, failing to streamline this key part of your business can mean losing out on future sales as well as running into issues in the future.

Unlock the power of cloud compliance automation and learn more by watching the full webinar.

The Solution – Cloud Compliance Automation

Cloud compliance, featuring four components, can free your core teams. By introducing automation, policy management, collaboration and visibility, and compliance at scale, you can give your business the best possible chance of success.

Cloud Compliance Automation

By automating evidence collection, you can achieve compliance independence. anecdotes provide a platform to facilitate evidence collection automation. With over 50 plugins you can connect SaaS tools and cloud environments to automatically collect the evidence required for cloud compliance and upcoming audits. These plugins are also automatically mapped for your convenience.

Policy Management

Some compliance frameworks require you to provide policies that act as a guide should you need to deal with situations such as onboarding employees. anecdotes provides a central hub where you’ll be able to locate all your policies. You could have over 20 built-in policies, which you’ll be able to easily download and distribute when carrying out an audit.

Collaboration & Visibility

Internally reports will be automatically generated. Evidence can be found in a shared workspace, which eliminates the back-and-forth emails or WhatsApp messages which can cause a lot of disruption and frustration. This dashboard can be used by compliance leaders to speed up compliance and audit tasks. Share, connect, collaborate with your auditor.

Compliance at Scale

As a hyper-growth company, a solution that can scale with you is extremely valuable. This is why anecdotes provide over 50 plugins to empower their clients to take advantage of cloud compliance automation and scale with ease. Anecdotes also can automatically collect data and evidence for compliance without interfering with how you like to do things. This is especially important for established companies who need a solution but don’t want to completely change the way they’re used to doing things. Compliance automation that can be bespoke to your unique business profile.

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