In most companies, InfoSec compliance is a necessary evil, creating lots of bureaucracy and grunt-work for core teams like Sales and Development. It is yet another way in which security and its by-products slow down the business. Growing, cloud-native companies have zero tolerance to whatever slows them down. Therefore, a security stack that can operate without roadblocks or friction to core business processes is highly desirable. This inevitably includes the automation of all compliance-related tasks, and the consolidation of the compliance process to a single source of truth.


  • Why are growing, cloud-native companies struggling with infosec compliance?
  • Why the startup mentality can’t support hyper-growth?
  • Why should compliance be a one-team show?
  • Why do sales teams need your compliance the most?
  • Automation is the key for compliance independence
  • Scalable Compliance automation is the only solution for Hyper-Growth companies needs
  • anecdotes platform demo
  • Q&A

About the speakers

  • Dror Arie, Senior Solutions Architect at GlobalDots – Dror is a seasoned security engineer specializing in cloud environments. In the past decade, he has led complex projects of cloud migration, security architecture, and performance optimization, for dozens of global companies. An Akamai veteran with knowledge in python, javascript, dns, web performance optimization, AWS, and log management, Dror has experience managing and delivering critical, internet-scale production projects in anything web-related.
  • Eden Amitai, Director of Product Marketing at anecdotes

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