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Servers, Network Gear & Hardware Provisioning


No matter where you want to connect to in the world, GlobalDots can get you there.




GlobalDots offers you the latest in datacenter hardware technology from the biggest brands like Dell, Supermicro, Cisco, Intel, to give you the underlying power and performance you need to run a world-class hosting service. 

In most cases our clients are the ones who create the system configuration, they dictate what goes into the machine, and where they want to spend more money or less. These systems often provide the best value in terms of performance and capacity per dollar spent, because clients buy pretty much only what they want and take advantage of local 24×7 support and service should it be needed. 

GlobalDots will ship this equipment to any place around the world, fully insured, responsible throughout the shipping process, from leaving the warehouse until the arrival at its final destination. 

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Networking Services

Layer 2 Ethernet and Layer 3 MPLS IP-VPN architectures for private, public and hybrid cloud networking solutions. GlobalDots’s flexibility allows you to choose the connectivity solution that is right for you. 

GlobalDots offers the most advanced and comprehensive portfolio of managed services available from a global Tier 1 network providers. With GlobalDots’ managed service portfolio, your organization can increase productivity and reduce operating expenses with fully turnkey services managed by industry leading certified engineers.

Hardware Warranty Renewal

GlobalDots  provides a comprehensive alternative to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) servers, storage and network hardware maintenance plans. Whether you’re running a mix of hardware brands, using systems that are technically past their End of Service Life (EOSL) cutoff, or just paying too much for OEM and looking for a replacement that gives you equivalent SLA attainment at a more reasonable price, moving your maintenance to GlobalDots makes good business sense. 

Just because GlobalDots is independent doesn’t mean it’s a step back from service levels provided by your equipment’s manufacturer. In fact, most hardware support customers enjoy an objectively superior experience to the OEM maintenance plan, including better SLA attainment and significantly reduced diagnostic and solution times.

Supported platforms

Globaldots currently maintains over a hundred thousand individual SERVER SYSTEMS worldwide. These include all major OEM brand names (HP®, IBM®, Dell®, Oracle Sun®, Fujitsu®, Supermicro®, Compaq® and many others) as well as industry-standard servers. 

Globaldots STORAGE supported platforms include EMC Clariion, Symmetrix, Connectrix and DMX series models, NetApp Filers and most Sun STK models. 

Globaldots NETWORK solutions are available for a variety of devices in Wide Area Network (WAN), Local Area Network (LAN), and Storage Area Network (SAN) deployments, including routers, directors/switches, security devices and access points from Cisco™, Brocade™, Juniper™, McData™and others.










Refurbished Hardware

GlobalDots offers refurbished hardware for sale as a cost-effective and reliable solution. 
We’ll configure a comprehensive hardware package designed to meet the requirements of your business, or provide equipment on an individual asset basis. All equipment is tested in our facilities and backed by our warranty. 

GlobalDots offers a broad selection of refurbished network hardware, servers, storage and laptops to reduce your acquisition cost and get the functionality you need. From short-term solutions to long-term upgrades, we have the products and knowledge to meet your needs. And because we carry an extensive inventory of hardware, we can get it to you quickly — in most cases, overnight. 

We hold a large inventories of replacement parts for a variety of business technology hardware types and brands. Our experienced staff will work with you to get the exact part you need and deliver it to you ASAP. The combination of availability, expertise and fast turnaround makes Data Sales Co. your best source for solutions, every time. 


Rack Integration Services

GlobalDots offers a full-service, customizable rack integration program for building out the hardware infrastructure solutions your data center depends on. Whether you need integration for your custom-branded rack-level solutions, or you need large-scale multi-rack integration to expand your datacenter, GlobalDots can customize our rack integration program to meet your specific requirements, delivered on time and exceeding expectations. 

All racks are delivered fully integrated, cable and labeled, fully tested at the component, server and rack level through GlobalDots Automation test. Depending on your specifications, racks can also be validated or configured with specific OS, Server frameworks or software requirements such as Apache, Jboss or Hadoop distributions so they are ready to run, right out of the box.