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Software intelligence company Dynatrace, announced that its open AI engine, Davis, now provides even smarter and more precise answers and actionable insights about Kubernetes environments.

Through automatically ingesting new Kubernetes cluster and node health, and utilization metrics into Davis and combining them with the rich, high-fidelity application and transaction data that Dynatrace already collects, enterprises can create successful Kubernetes deployments, accelerate innovation through DevOps and increase competitiveness by bringing new services to market faster.

New, out-of-the-box Kubernetes dashboards and advanced filtering capabilities allow cloud teams to filter and find the right information quickly, so they can analyze and optimize Kubernetes workloads and manage cluster and node health with ease.

Kubernetes is being widely adopted to accelerate digital transformation and achieve greater agility. But the highly dynamic nature of Kubernetes, and the sprawl of Kubernetes orchestrated cloud native workloads can be problematic for enterprises to manage without real-time visibility and automatic intelligence.

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