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As we rely more and more on online services, managing passwords becomes increasingly challenging. Compromised passwords lead to account takeovers, which pose existential threats to customer-facing businesses. Account takeovers led to an estimated $11.4 billion in losses in 2021, caused mostly by compromised passwords.

GlobalDots, a cloud innovation leader, partners with Transmit Security, a leading provider of customer identity and access management (CIAM) solutions, to offer its passwordless and multifactor authentication services to online businesses. Through the partnership, GlobalDots enables the smooth integration of Transmit Security’s CIAM solutions into its clients’ IT stack.  

“Through this partnership we are continuing to provide our clients with the highest level of security and innovation, enabling them to continue focusing on their business operations and maximizing their ROI”, says Yuval Rachlin, CEO of GlobalDots. Read the full press release on, and learn all about how it works along the identity lifecycle on our latest whitepaper.

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GlobalDots Partners with Authentication Innovator Transmit Security
Identity & Access Management (IAM)
Admin Globaldots 16.11.21

GlobalDots keeps enriching its IAM (Identity & Access Management) innovation offering, and its Passwordless Authentication range in particular, with the latest addition of highly-valued unicorn Transmit Security. Only this June, Transmit Security announced a $543 million Series A – the largest series A funding round in cybersecurity history, according to Crunchbase. Transmit Security has developed an appless […]

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GlobalDots Featured on Nasdaq
Identity & Access Management (IAM)
Admin Globaldots 13.09.21

Dror Arie, senior solution engineer at GlobalDots, is a pioneer in employee onboarding automation using IT workflows. In his Nasdaq guest article, he answers some key questions on one of the most crucial, yet overlooked, elements of employer branding: The employee onboarding experience. Why is onboarding overlooked in the employee lifecycle? Employers believe that their […]

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Long-Term LastPass Breach Sounds Alarm For Static Credentials
Identity & Access Management (IAM)
Admin Globaldots 02.03.23

LastPass’ password management service has introduced millions of users to the convenience and security of unique passwords. Across mobile and browser, LastPass promises a near-passwordless experience for millions of individuals and over 100,000 businesses. However, recent news threatens to drop a bombshell on credential-based security.  The Year-Long LastPass Dual Breach  In August 2022, LastPass released […]

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