Two thirds of employees now work remotely, raising new security & productivity issues. GlobalDots implements IAM solutions to protect all web, cloud, and on-premise activity, while creating a frictionless user experience, regardless of application, device, or location.

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Identity & Access Management (IAM)
Admin Globaldots 06.06.22

While ransomware, securing the cloud, and sprawling IoT vulnerabilities are keeping our CISO’s up at night, credential phishing is a consistent threat, plaguing their employees. Credential Phishing is the practice of stealing user ID/email address and password combinations, by masquerading as a reputable or known entity or person in email, instant message, or another communication […]

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Technical Whitepaper: Biometric Passwordless Authentication (FIDO2 WebAuthN)
Identity & Access Management (IAM) Passwordless Authentication
Admin Globaldots 23.02.22

The booming cost of account takeover (ATO) attacks, from $4BN in 2020 to $16BN in 2021, makes passwordless authentication a truly pressing need for all businesses. Most current “passwordless” technologies still contain shared secrets and friction – deeming them irrelevant to the world’s most prominent workforce and buying power: Gen Y and Gen Z. Biometric […]

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Case Study: GlobalDots helps Pagaya automate headcount hypergrowth with Okta Workflows
Identity & Access Management (IAM)
Admin Globaldots 24.08.21

IT and Security never played well together: Unscalable and overworked, they believe their interests to be conflicting. But in reality, both struggle to keep up with the demands of the business for speed and growth. Today, new technologies empower both functions with automations that help the organization move faster and augment scalability and security alike. […]

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