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Monitoring, Logging & Observability
Steven Puddephatt, Senior Cloud Architect @ GlobalDots 27.02.22

CDNs have become a standard component of any serious scaling strategy. With scaling, of course, comes an increased security challenge. This leads to code scanning, log analysis, expensive intrusion detection systems and more, but the data locked away inside of a CDN is often ignored.  This data is essential to a strong security posture and […]

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3 Things Heavy CDN Users Should Look for in a Monitoring Solution
Monitoring, Logging & Observability
Dr. Eduardo Rocha, Senior Solutions Engineer & Security Analyst @ GlobalDots 27.02.22

Utilising a CDN is an essential part of your web scaling strategy. Heavy CDN users rely on powerful monitoring solutions to improve their observability, gain new operational capabilities and develop key insights into their customers… but how do you pick the right observability tool? Let’s look at 3 key capabilities that any CDN user should […]

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3 Industries that Can Benefit from Better CDN Monitoring
Monitoring, Logging & Observability
Miguel Fersen, Senior Cloud Consultant @ GlobalDots

In 2022, global CDN usage is expected to reach over 250 exabytes per month. With more and more industries reaping the benefits of CDNs, CDN monitoring is going to become a valuable new source of information for anyone looking to understand their operational challenges or how their customers interact with their product. Industries all over […]

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5 Ways CDN Logs Can Transform Your Business Operations
Monitoring, Logging & Observability
Dr. Eduardo Rocha, Senior Solutions Engineer & Security Analyst @ GlobalDots

If you’re operating at scale, you’re probably already making use of a CDN. They’ve become ubiquitous amongst any company trying to handle large volumes of website traffic. It’s surprising then, that so many organizations rely heavily on their CDN, but they don’t take advantage of the wealth of observability data that a CDN offers. Our […]

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2022: The Year End-User Accounts Go Passwordless
Identity & Access Management (IAM)
Steven Puddephatt, Senior Cloud Architect @ GlobalDots 23.02.22

Why Passwordless, Why Now? Advances in technologies pose new dangers online as more people use devices to do their shopping and finances. The remote work era pedaled, further extending technology adoption, so growing concerns regarding security and new methods are more valid than ever. Progress comes with leaving behind obsolete methods to improve efficiency and […]

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How to Automate Your Cloud Resource Cleanup – for Good
FinOps – Cloud Cost Optimization
From our Partners

Find leaky resources, manage quota limits, detect drift, and clean up… It’s the stuff that no engineer wants to deal with. Especially with today’s cloud environments reaching unmanageable levels of complexity. Cleanup usually means hand-jamming resources with shell scripts or in your cloud console. But new open source technologies allow you to achieve a constant […]

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Cloud Deep Learning: AWS, Azure & GCP Compared
DevOps as a Service
From our Partners

How Can You Do Deep Learning in the Cloud? Deep learning is at the center of most artificial intelligence initiatives. It is based on the concept of a deep neural network, which passes inputs through multiple layers of connections. Neural networks can perform many complex cognitive tasks, improving performance dramatically compared to classical machine learning […]

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Log4j Vulnerability: Are Your Applications at Risk?
Dr. Eduardo Rocha, Senior Solutions Engineer & Security Analyst @ GlobalDots 21.02.22

Why Should You Care? Log4j vulnerability can affect vendors and services across the software industry. The IT community has received a shockwave following the Log4j security vulnerability announcement at the end of 2021. Apache Log4j is a popular logging utility used in various applications. As a result, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued a warning […]

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Eluding the Dark Side of Cloud Computing: Cloud Data Loss Prevention 101
Disaster Recovery & Backup
Shalom Carmel, CIO @ GlobalDots 20.02.22

Publicly Stored Data is Never 100% Safe The benefits of a high-quality cloud service are well-known: Speed, scalability, improved agility, and reduced maintenance. On the flip side, your most valuable & sensitive business assets rely on centralized third-party servers. All these benefits mean that your business data’s safety, integrity, and accessibility depend on that third […]

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How to Cover for Downtime Losses in 2022
Your Innovation Feed
From our Partners 16.02.22

The World is Cloudbound. Where’s the Catch? Q3 2021 earnings were tremendous for the three largest public cloud vendors – AWS, Azure and GCP. Revenue from their cloud operations grew 37% YoY, with the next ten largest cloud providers hitting the 28% YoY mark. The first cloud services were launched over a decade ago. In 2008, […]

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Recent AWS Outages: Should You Panic?
Cloud Infrastructure Design
Shalom Carmel, CIO @ GlobalDots 06.02.22

Amazon cloud services ran into significant difficulties in December 2021. Three major AWS outages affected financial institutions, airline reservation systems, online retailers, and dating apps. The incidents were global phenomenons. Companies like Spotify, Venmo, Netflix, Tinder, and Roku experienced service disruptions. One of the outages took down Amazon’s own delivery app, which led to packages […]

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How to Mitigate the Top 11 API Security Risks
API Security
Shalom Carmel, CIO @ GlobalDots

What is an API? API is an acronym for an application programming interface. It is a set of rules that allow software programs to communicate. In the business world, APIs are important because they allow companies to share data and functions. It allows businesses to automate tasks and improve communication between departments.  API also allows […]

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How to Get DevOps Automation Right – a Starter’s Guide
DevOps as a Service
Dror Arie, Senior Solutions Architect @ GlobalDots 19.01.22

Cloud technologies develop all the time, with the product pipeline being a focal point as companies are expected to deliver faster, better, safer code. But the latest DevOps technologies still require some consideration before adopting them to understand if they are a good fit for your use case. With proper DevOps tools and streamlined processes, […]

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