Deliver your transactional emails directly to your recipients inbox. Make your TCO lower while ensuring the best email delivery rates.

Email is here to stay

Though we’ve heard it so many times that “email is dead” it’s very far from the truth. Email continues to be the most important channel for companies and channel that is truly “owned”. Both search and social are important, but they are far too volatile and unpredictable to base your success upon it. With 144 billion emails sent out each day and with $38 return on each $1 spent on email marketing we can safely say email continues to be extremely important.

Better deliverability features

Out of these 144 billion emails, 70% is spam. And ISPs are getting more aggressive in filtering out even legitimate messages, so 25% of those never reach inbox. With our solution you can rest assured that you’ll get best deliverability rates – making your customers happy, your profits growing and your brand protected.

Few key features of our email delivery solution:

  • Open & Click Tracking
  • IP Pool Flexibility
  • Advanced Tagging & Segmenting
  • API Integration
  • Postback Service
  • Deliverability Support

Better Total Cost of Ownership

You may already use a cloud-based email delivery solution or you have built one in-house. Needles to say, you’re good to go, but we can provide a solution that yields better overall TCO. Compared to running your own infrastructure, hiring delivery specialists and worrying about compliance our solution can help you sleep better knowing that your investment is protected and that your emails reach your customer.

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