With GlobalDots rapid-deploy DNS Infrastructure, your site responds to outages and traffic spikes as they occur, delivering high-performance and speed reliably across the cloud and around the world.

Worldwide PoP Network Expands Your Global Reach, Increasing Accessibility and Decreasing Latency

GlobalDots Enhanced DNS keeps websites humming at their full potential independent of outside events such as network outages, infrastructure failures or traffic spikes. By combining the reliability of IP anycast technologies with intelligent rerouting techniques through active failover, we can retrieve and deliver data reliably across the globe at lightning-fast speeds.

Instant DNS Infrastructure Deployed and Organized for a Fraction of Its True Cost

A cloud-based approach to DNS eliminates cash-intensive infrastructure buyouts and allows companies to reroute profits from monthly IT expenditures and software upgrades to more lucrative growth opportunities. The cost of owning high-performance Enhanced DNS infrastructure has never been so accessible.

Dedicated DNS Monitoring and Support for Increased Reliability and Protection

A highly intelligent DNS infrastructure alone cannot ensure complete insulation from network outages and server overloads. As an added insurance layer, we’ve developed and trained team of DNS experts that monitor your site during emergencies and support and engage your own IT staff on how to handle any situation that may arise.