It will make your pages up to 50% faster and consuming 40-70% less bandwith. All your HTML files, images, java scripts served directly from data centers. Continuos profiling of your website resources that gather intelligence on each resource. GlobalDots knows CDN. 
We have worked with customers ranging from Fortune 500 to startups and small-medium enterprises and we deliver content in practically every vertical, on all 6 continents, 24/7/365.
On the Internet, every millisecond counts. And we know the exact architecture and infrastructure to help you connect with your customers and deliver your content faster and more reliable.

Deliver your content faster with GlobalDots CDN solutions

Regardless of whether you operate globally or in specific geographies, our CDN capabilities include state-of-the-art hardware and software placed strategically near your user.  
It will render your digital services (Websites, Apps, APIs) fast and reliable, on any device, any network condition, any geography.


Most Advanced CDN

Your business never sleeps - and our support can be reached at any time of the day.  
All our personnel have world-class training, knowing exactly how your setup works and how to prevent and mitigate availability, scalability and security issues.

24/7/365 Premium Support

Even though we deliver content for some of the world’s most iconic brands our pricing is competitive to every single vendor and reasonable even for startups and SMBs. 
We work hard to ensure you get the best possible ROI for your CDN investment and by providing premium support we ensure that your assets are served without interruption.  

Competitive Pricing

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Why GlobalDots CDN?

HTTP/2 Support

HTTP/2 is already available with our CDN services. The standard was approved in February 2015, and most of the modern browsers already support it. 
HTTP/2 benefits include:
Multiplexing and concurrency: Multiple requests are sent in rapid succession on the same TCP connection, and responses can be received out of order - removing the need for multiple connections between the client and the server
Stream dependencies: The client can indicate to the server which of the resources are more important
than the others
Header compression: HTTP header size is significantly reduced
Server push: The server can send resources the client has not yet requested


Talk to our specialists and get a personalized recommendations to improve your website or application performance. Any geography, any size, any device, any network condition.

CDN Points of Presence (POPs)


Websites using our CDN services can improve their speed by 50% and consume up to 70% less bandwidth, as a consequense of these built-in features:

- Dynamic caching technology based on machine learning

- Reliable, self-healing mesh network topology

- Peered, Tier 1 transit system for optimal coverage

- Extensive cache control options

- Rapid cache purging and cache rule propagation

- Integrated security and availability features

- Minification
- Image Compression and Compaction
- Session Reuse Optimization
- TCP Optimization and Connection Pre pooling
- On the Fly File Compression


Our CDN Supports

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Best Performing CDN Architecture

GlobalDots gives businesses complete control over how they serve content as well as access to real-time performance analytics. The setup can be built for speed with the use of multiple, powerful servers that have a lot of RAM and plenty of SSD storage capacity if needed. 
Regardless of where your customers are, we can reach them in the most efficient way possible. We have found a set of next-gen CDNs that accelerate your web and mobile applications. We push your content to the edge for an optimal end-user experience.
Globally distributed network of data centers delivers full site acceleration through intelligent caching, content and network optimization. 


Content Delivery NetworkMobile DeliveryEmerging Markets DeliveryMultiCDNResources

Secure POPs placed where your customers are

Through partnering with different service providers, we can offer a robust CDNs that leverages a global network of strategically positioned servers that shorten your content`s round trip time (RTT) by bringing it forever closer to your website visitors.
We can minify your files and compress them ensuring that most commonly accessed files are prioritized and fetched directly to the users browser. 
We eliminate the exposure of your files to vulnerability all accross the globe and the globe is moving applications to the cloud. We ensure that all your website resources are dynamically profiled within multiple points of presence.
Additionally, we can provide your infrastructure with full range of cloud security products (Web Application Firewall, DDoS Protection, Bot & API Protection) to secure all layers of your defense.


Intelligent Caching and Purging of your content

We now have the ability to cache unpredictably changing content. With GlobalDots you can cache content that other CDNs consider uncacheable.
You can cache APIs which is made possible through features like dynamic site acceleration, instant purge and soft purge. Users can have instant access to your most up-to-date content and get all that they expect: responsiveness, rapid load times, continuous access to latest information. We can purge your content rapidly and intelligently, within 150 milliseconds or less. You also have more granular control over what you purge and when. 


How is GlobalDots Different?

Improve Your CDN Performance Now

"I approached GlobalDots because I was looking for a great cloud-based WAF and DDoS protection provider for our customers that would not hinder performance.  GlobalDots helped me by discussing the options on the market and helping us choose the best fit for us. 

The result was a great product at a great price.  It was an easy and informative experience and I would recommend GlobalDots to anyone that is in the market for IT performance and security technologies."


Eric Joyce, KalioCommerce
Director, Hosting and Security


We analyze your business case

Our team of industry-leading experts analyze the specifics of your business, regardless of the industry. And we do it for free!

We present you a specific, tailor made offer

By using sofisticated tools and our know-how, we create a tailor-made offer for you that will increase your performance, reduce costs and boost ROI

You get the solution that best suits your needs

We work with you to implement, track and improve the solution based on your needs, growth and business case
On average, IT teams spend weeks to research, test and implement a CDN solution. With GlobalDots, the required effort is reduced to minimum as our team can quickly and cost-effectively recommend the best solution to fit your website size, complexity, traffic and bandwidth.


About GlobalDots

GlobalDots is the largest, independent cloud and performance optimization integration partner, worldwide. 
With more than 10 years in acceleration business, our trained personnel can help you achieve your goals: performance optimization, ROI boost and cost reduction.

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Client-side caching ensures instant loading of resources and best possible user experience. We use advanced algorithms for dynamic caching enriching browser caching instructions so content always stays fresh. In addition, users can create custom caching rules to control caching per URL and resource types.
The content is cached in the background for subsequent visitors. We will also equip you with monitoring dashboards for measuring the effect of caching by logging into the consoles. 


We provide flexible caching policies which means that you can choose between disable caching, static-only caching, static+dynamic, and aggresive caching ie. You can change caching modes, create custom caching rules, purge the cache, purge a specific resource and so on.
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About GlobalDots

GlobalDots is the largest, independent cloud and performance optimization integration partner, worldwide. 
With more than 10 years in acceleration business, our trained personnel can help you achieve your goals: performance optimization, ROI boost and cost reduction.







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