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  • How Security Can Speed Up Business: 3 Security Leaders Interviewed

    Cloud has surged. Attack surface has broadened. As security leaders struggle to protect the business from sophisticated, evolving threats, they must also settle the long-standing conflict between performance and security: Remove security friction to allow full-speed business processes like product development, HR growth and customer acquisition, without compromising on the organization’s security and compliance posture. […]

    Dror Arie, Head of Engineering @ GlobalDots
    13th October, 2021
  • Redefining Cloud Security to Accelerate Business

    Which is more important to your business, security or speed? This has long troubled business owners worldwide and can leave many companies vulnerable to cyberattacks in a bid to optimize user experience. But you don’t need to compromise your level of enterprise security to nurture business growth. Until today, IT security often created roadblocks for […]

    Dror Arie, Head of Engineering @ GlobalDots
    22nd September, 2021
  • 5+4 = The New Cloud Security Stack

    Infrastructures, threat, and security are all under a quick, constant evolution. Once every few year there comes a tipping point which forces us to rethink our technology posture. 2020 was that tipping point. The cloud surge has peaked during the Pandemic, as remote work became the new normal for most office-based businesses. This has introduced […]

    Eli Arkush
    9th June, 2021
  • GlobalDots Featured on The Entrepreneur

    The tech sector has greatly benefitted from the Pandemic, attracting capital investments away from traditional industries which crashed due to the new restrictions. Many of the companies to receive these investments develop B2B technology solutions, from remote collaboration to cloud security. This new, booming variety of solutions, backed by massive marketing campaigns, makes it ever […]

    19th May, 2021
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