Redefining Cloud Security to Accelerate Business

Dror Arie
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Which is more important to your business, security or speed? This has long troubled business owners worldwide and can leave many companies vulnerable to cyberattacks in a bid to optimize user experience. But you don’t need to compromise your level of enterprise security to nurture business growth. Until today, IT security often created roadblocks for business, slowing down core processes with friction and compliance requirements. To combat this, we have taken cloud security to the next level, eliminating this age-old debate, and providing our clients with an innovative solution. Cloud security that never limits, restricts, or stunts your business growth. So, let’s take a look at the new cloud security stack we implement to help empower your business, and why it’s needed now more than ever.

Cloud-native threats call for a cloud-native security mindset

40% of US employees now work remotely. And the rise of the ‘work from home’ lifestyle, triggered by COVID-19, is adding to the number of threats businesses face while operating online. Professionals are now accessing sensitive business data via the cloud, whether based on their home internet connection, a public network in a local coffee shop, or when traveling overseas. For all three the level of security is considerably lower compared to an on-premises network, meaning cyberattacks are a genuine and significantly increased concern for business owners. This poses a serious obstacle in scaling, as hiring freelancers, contractors, and remote workers necessarily increases the organizational attack surface.

How does this reflect on the IT side? 90% of IT leaders report that cloud usage during the global pandemic was far higher than first anticipated. But the increase in public cloud adoption and the popularity of working from home means enterprise security must evolve with the times. Yet, many organizations did not have a solid IT security strategy in place to accommodate this rapid shift. IT departments are now facing the mammoth task of protecting the business from an ever-growing number of threats, without impeding daily business processes or growth. This calls for a new security stack which is both scalable and learning, so it can free IT security teams from manual work, and free the rest of the organization from obnoxious security friction.    

Introducing the New Cloud Security Stack

Our new cloud security stack was born to address cloud-native security risks. These risks are often disregarded when moving or growing into the cloud, so that security controls lag way behind revenue-generating innovation. The new security stack consists of 5 key solutions to protect the most common cloud-borne assets and business processes:

Unfortunately, if you randomly choose and implement the first alternative you come across, you may find yourself further slowing down the business by adding security tools and controls. For that reason, our security stack also includes 4 key capabilities which must exist in every solution above. These capabilities aim to optimize scalability and minimize interruption to core teams and processes within an organization. Not only do they ensure new security solutions don’t slow you down; They ensure that each security solution actually speeds up the business processes it comes to protect.

1: Saas Consumption

Bid the last farewell to appliances and patches. The new cloud security stack only includes solutions which are SaaS-based. This ensures both scalability and constant up-to-dateness. When new features are auto-updated, your business runs as usual and enjoys the newly-introduced benefits immediately, and with no hassle for technical teams. Scaling up becomes a simple credit card transaction.

2: Noise-Free Alerts and Remediation 

Noise can disrupt your business flow. The new security stack supports solutions which can considerably decrease them by prioritization and auto-remediation, Your IT security teams will only see alerts for highly suspicious activity that requires manual intervention or further investigation. In doing this, the cloud security stack eliminates alert fatigue and continually learns your organization’s exposure patterns. Save time, reduce noise and only ever react when necessary to protect your business.

3: Engineering-Friendliness

Seamless integration make security solutions easy to use, working alongside your existing suite of tools and applications, which your DevOps will certainly be pleased to hear! Expert integrations can further ensure that collaboration apps, administrations, and reporting are all accessed and configured through a single hub. To promote productivity and protection, the cloud security stack syncs with employee directories, such as AD, LDAP, G-Suite, and Office365.

4: Compliance Assistance

Are you concerned about compliance? Overwhelmed by frameworks adding up? The new security stack sets to make this a non-issue. When you choose solutions providing one-click reporting, you’ll be able to provide evidence for audits and common security standards such as GDPR, PCI-DSS, ISO-27001, and SOC2, with ease. This not only saves your company time but also makes sure you never face penalties or legal action due to human error or difficulties pulling data and evidence together to a deadline.

Enterprise Security Built for The Future

The solutions and capabilities mentioned above are critical for growing cloud-based companies, which are usually engineering-led organizations and therefore have a different mindset, in which scalability, timesaving, and interruption-free development is everything.

When the new cloud security stack is implemented in a professional, seamless manner, it can help organizations achieve high levels of security and compliance – even before they have a CISO or a full-on security team. Hence, they promote lean, cost-effective security management.

In a world of fast-paced businesses and technological advancements, having a lean, up-to-date, scalable technology & security posture is an absolute necessity! And it takes a professional, up-to-date technology partner like GlobalDots to achieve that.

To learn more about our innovative and future-proof cloud-security solutions, feel free to contact our team today.



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