A spiraling cost problem has emerged among organizations as cloud usage has grown rapidly, coupled with the economic downturn.

Join GlobalDots expert engineers in this insightful webinar that unveils the latest innovations and cutting-edge technologies in the realm of FinOps and cloud cost optimization.

Discover the key industry trends and best practices that can help you regain control over your cloud expenses, such as Commitment Automations, Kubernetes Orchestration, and Storage Optimization. Learn how these game-changing strategies can dramatically reduce your cloud costs and drive efficiency in your operations.

In addition to delving into these innovative solutions, we will highlight the vital importance of fostering collaboration between teams and business units to successfully implement a FinOps culture within your organization.

We will also share insights from the 2023 State of FinOps Report and help you learn how to navigate the complexities of cloud cost optimization effectively.

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Utilize technology upgrades in AWS and reduce costs
Cloud Cost Optimization
Nesh (Steven Puddephatt), Senior Solutions Engineer @ GlobalDots 22.08.22

You’ll be able to boost performance while saving money if you keep up with the latest upgrades in AWS, like EBS, EC2 & RDS instance generations, using the best Cloud Cost Optimization (FinOps) practices! 

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Savings Maximized & Commitments Minimized in AWS RIs
Cloud Cost Optimization
Nesh (Steven Puddephatt), Senior Solutions Engineer @ GlobalDots 14.07.22

Here’s one simple tip that will save you MILLIONS of $$ on cloud costs – from our Senior Solutions Architect Steven Puddephatt

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Cloud Billing with 55% OFF
Cloud Cost Optimization
Admin Globaldots 06.06.22

By leveraging AWS Reserved Instances Marketplace, you can reduce your cloud costs by up to 55%

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